26th Sept 21 Buderim Minutes Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coat Common Law Assembly

Minutes of Meeting

Sunday 26th September 2021

Held at Fusion Centre, 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Mike Holt, Convener

Meeting commenced at 1.30pm

Mike opened with a talk about Vietnam and his experiences with the Thai Government and the Air Force.   The New World Order was being mentioned back then.   That was when he started questioning what was going on with the Vietnam war.  We had no fight with the people themselves and it had nothing to do with communism.   Looking back it is clear to see that it was all part of the NWO plan, and that has been implemented bit by bit over a very long time and has now exploded into the war we are facing head on. We have now lost our manufacturing, farming, our armaments, in fact everything and are now up against a wall that any people are now recognising and feeling.   The Australian people will stand up when placed in this situation.  Thank you for coming here today, to take a stand.

Even the police are starting to jack up.  Mike mentioned a policeman from Grafton and another from Victoria – Craig Backman.  The following is his wording to a higher official in the police force.  He has made it public.

I am a current serving member of Victoria Police in Australia. I am embarrassed by my organization’s approach to policing this so called pandemic. Just thought I’d reach out to you and let you know that there are many among us that don’t agree with this approach and are willing to put our careers on the line to speak out against it.

I am one of those and I hope that by me speaking out it may encourage others to do the same. 

Following is the body of an email I sent to Victoria Police Management, yesterday, prior to today’s protest in Melbourne. 

It may cost me my Career but it’s a small price to pay in the pursuit of liberty and an end to this current dictatorship we are living under. 

Keep up the good work.

Hi boss. 

Thanks for checking on me today. I really do appreciate your concern for my well-being. It means a lot to me. 

Much of what is causing me sleepless nights at the moment is directly related to the impact of self reflection and how I view myself as a person, a husband, father, a Victorian citizen and a Police Officer, and what my future looks like. 

I am ready to move forward with my life and career, and plan to return to work on Sunday 26/09 for Night Shift, however I need to express how I feel about what’s going on around us all. 

Acting contrary to what I believe is right, is causing conflict in my life that I need to eliminate in order to remain healthy, and so I wish to make my thoughts, and position on current workplace issues known, specifically related to Policing COVID. 

They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over and expecting a different result. It is my sincere and firmly held belief, based on the available evidence, that these repeated “lockdowns” and vaccine demands are exactly that; insanity, as they clearly do not work to eradicate this virus. 

To that end, from the data shown by countries whose vaccination programs are far advanced in quantities administered compared to our own, such as Israel and the UK, it is abundantly clear that these vaccines do not prevent neither infection of or the transmission of COVID-19, nor do they have a significant impact on the reduction of the severity of symptoms. 

From the many millions of doses of these experimental vaccines being administered around the world, enough data has been collected to determine their efficacy and safety, which shows clearly, they are neither effective or safe. 

This information is freely available and known to all who are willing to seek it and is, in my opinion, a driving catalyst behind the actions by many Victorian citizens who are seeking to protest against the continuing breach of their Human Rights and an end to this “insanity” which is destroying families, livelihoods and the education and mental health of our children. 

I have personally suffered the consequences of the Governments’ approach to Policing this “pandemic” which has divided my family, resulting in my 20 year marriage ending, my children’s school results plummeting and their mental and physical health deteriorating due to repeated restrictions on their freedom of participation in community sport and various other after school activities. 

To say this situation has had an enormously negative impact on mine and my families’ lives is a massive understatement. I am sure there are literally thousands of stories, similar to my own, scattered throughout the Victorian community. 

Furthermore, I find the language used by the Government to demonize its’ citizens and employees who choose to not participate in a medical experiment, for whatever reason, calling this situation “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” to be abhorrent and disgusting, and is extremely divisive, especially considering that the evidence to date indicates the exact opposite of the Premier’s words.

I also believe stating that people (which includes employees of the state government) who choose to not participate in a medical experiment will be “excluded from participating in the economy” to be a coercive threat against its employees and Law abiding Victorian citizens, who are only exercising their legal rights, to be another driving factor in causing the population to protest against these threats, which in turn causes Police members to be placed in unnecessarily dangerous situations. 

I am NOT an “anti-vaxxer”. No Member of Victoria Police is. Vaccination against Hep B is a requirement to join, which I happily took as it’s proven over time to be effective and safe. My children and myself are also all vaccinated against the usual suspects (measles, mumps, etc..) again, as all those vaccines have known long-term safety and efficacy data and I was able to make an informed decision whether to take them or not based on a risk v reward calculation. 

I joined Victoria Police because I wanted to serve my local community and was expressly driven by the Victoria Police mantra of “uphold the right”. I believe in that mantra with all my heart and have always conducted myself in accordance, to protect the rights of the people in my community to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, I feel now that we as an organization are not living up to that mantra. 

Another reason I joined Victoria Police is that I despise “bullies”. I believe the current language and behavior coming from the state government (my employer) to be that of a bully, who is demanding that we members of Victoria Police enforce these “bullying” tactics. This situation is causing me personally, enormous stress, anxiety and internal conflict, as I am being forced to behave in a manner that I despise. 

On the 10th of September 2021, I was informed that I was being tasked to attend a citizen rally/protest in Melbourne on the 18th of September 2021. On this day I was asked by another member (who shall remain nameless) of Victoria Police if I was “excited” about attending so I could “crack some skulls”. Again, I found those remarks to be disgusting and further cements my views that some/many in Victoria Police ranks have lost sight of our core function, which is to protect the rights of Victorian citizens. I responded by asking the member “do you really believe that the people of Victoria who just want these restrictions ended so they can go on about their lives deserve to have their skulls cracked”? The member replied “well that’s the fault of all the unvaccinated people, like you”. 

In light of my recent completion of the online training course titled “making courageous ethical decisions”, I feel compelled to call out this attitude toward violence against the Victorian public by a representative of Victoria Police as unacceptable and damaging to the reputation of our organization and therefore myself, by association. 

Additionally, I find that the belief that somehow, an individual’s own immunity to a disease, could possibly provide protection against that disease to another individual, when immunity does not prevent contracting or spreading that disease, to be completely devoid of basic logic, reasoning and common sense. This is akin to a belief that another person would benefit from my own personal diet and exercise routines, or a person using sunscreen to prevent someone else for getting sunburned. It’s nonsense. Immunity protects the individual person, no-one else. 

It is again, my firmly held belief that these protests clearly show that our actions in Policing these “lockdown” measures and draconian CHO recommendations, do not pass the SELF test, as they clearly; 

do not pass public scrutiny,

Do not meet my own standards of personal ethics

Are dubious regarding their lawfulness

Are completely and totally unfair and a clear breach of human rights, with respect to freedoms of movement, speech and discrimination.

I have always done my upmost to be a good employee of Victoria Police and always been willing to personally sacrifice to aid the organization in meeting its’ Tasking and Coordination commitments, however I must now draw a line and take a stand by speaking out against our current approach to Policing this situation, which I believe is causing irreparable harm to our relationship with the community and sewing a distrust in Police by the citizens of Victoria that we have all worked so hard to gain. I fear that lost trust will never be regained, certainly not through force, intimidation, coercion and threats. 

I therefore, with respect, due to my own conscience, decline to be a part of any activity that I believe breaches the Human Rights of any Victorian citizen who choose to not comply with the current lockdown measures and threats of segregation and discrimination through vaccine mandates by the state government. 

I only hope that you can clearly see that my feelings are sincere, genuine and comes from my position of what I believe to be ethically fair and reasonable. 

I also hope that others within our organization, who hold similar beliefs to myself, who whisper those beliefs but dare not speak out from fear of retribution, find the courage to also express their discontent regarding this situation. 

I understand that there will be some within our organization that view my position negatively, however what others think of me pales in comparison to how I feel about myself and my own conduct. My honor and self respect mean far more to me than anything and I cannot allow myself to blindly follow or carry out unjust orders. 

It is my sincere hope that raising this issue does not negatively impact my future with Victoria Police as I fully intend to continue to protect my community with pride, honor, respect and dignity. “


Mike and James (an Afghanistan Veteran) have got together with others and have now written a Stand Down order to all police (federal and state) all A.D.F. and we will be telling the politicians to resign and await trial for treason.  

Mike then told the assembly some of his personal history from 1965 in the RAAF.    He wrote an article in 1995 to expose what really happened in Vietnam.  The article can be found here:   https://vietnamvetssc.org.au/australias-vietnam-war-ghost-soldiers/   Title is “Australia’s Ghost Soldiers”. 

Article 61 of the Magna gives us, the people, the authority to lawfully rebel.   We have, not only a right, but a DUTY to lawfully rebel. 

There are lot of people and groups out there doing lots of little things and the best analogy is “how do you eat an elephant?’  One bite at a time.  Many many little bites are now nibbling away at the foundations of this corrupt government.   It will collapse.  

Mike has filed charges against the whole state of Queensland, in the federal court.  He is charging the State with human rights violations under the Internation rules.  Usually when you put a case to the federal court if its not formatted correctly they will return it within 24 .but they have not done that and Mike is now waiting to receive the signed and sealed indictment which he will then serve to the government of Queensland.  He will need thousands of supporters when he is ready to march on parliament and serve the papers.  This could be the first domino.    What is happening in Victoria and NSW could happen soon in our state, so we need to set an example. 

Peter Horton helped Mike to become self funding so he can go ahead and do more, like getting our own Sheriffs ready to take over from the police .  We need to invite the police to come into our sheriff roles, the money coming in, cars and uniforms.  Together we can do this. 

Assembly member knows someone who was in the army in exercises up north going house to house to hunt down insurgents, chasing people into the bush and arresting them, street fighting etc. so they are preparing for civil war.   The best way to take these criminals down is to do the unexpected.  Read ‘The Art of War’ to get an idea of this.  

Assemblies are still popping up all over Australia and Mjke is getting enquiries every day, even from America.  The idea of an Assembly is to form a local government.  Sign the Charter!   That gives you the right to vote on vital issues.  We could even gather and maintain a civil militia, should it come to that in the future.   

To play smart, there are some tricks you should know (shared).  When you get question re mask non wearing ask them “do you work for the government”.  When they say no, you retort “then why are you trying to take away my rights?”.  Mask or money (stop shopping there). 

MMM will have you believe we (the unjabbed) are the minority but that is a LIE.

A discussion took place about the No Jab, No Job situation that so many workers are facing.  A strategy was put forward to the assembly and documents made available to anyone needing the advice. 

We are working on providing more education.  Our ‘Common Law 101’ is just about ready to go live and we have had an offer for someone running a worldwide education system to join us and produce material.  We will use his portal.  There are, of course, many many videos on our website.  

Foreign troops are already here.  Victoria has U.N. riot squad members acting as Victorian Police.  We don’t have a governor-general to intervene.  Mike has a document nearly completed which will be served shortly.  

Mike gave an update on his own court case in Victoria.  His 25 page affidavit accusing them of treason was based on Dick Yardley’s book.   Next appearance early November, at this stage.  

Mike then gave a rundown on the government actions since 1960 that have been wrongful and treasonous.  The Australian people were tricked and did not know what was being done behind the scenes.  It was always about the money.  

The Queen of Australia is not a corporeal body and is fictitious.  In 1973 the government started getting rid of the Queen from our constitution.  In 1986 Bob Hawke brought in the Australia Act, without a referendum.   Queen Elizabeth 11 did not sign it, so it is null and void.  

Regarding the two men who are known for registering all the government departments (including the ATO) with ASIC as companies (Pecker Maroo).  They now own all the names but do not get any revenue from any of them.  That is why some government offices are changing their names. It really means that, for example, the ATO is now owned by two patriots, so perhaps we should no longer pay taxes?  Pecker Maroo is now taking the government to court accusing them of using their copyrighted names.

General Q and A with the assembly took some time, with a variety of subjects that were answered.  

Mike mentioned that he has contacted Ricardo Bosi as it would be beneficial to be aligned with him.  He has not heard back yet, however, Ricardo is being held up in NSW and cannot get out.  There is a problem in that a lot of groups that would be an ideal blend with Common Law, stay separate because of ego.  No ego in Common Law.  We are united and working together.  

Read Sections 7 and 24 of our own constitution that specifically state that only We, the People, have the right to choose our parliamentary representatives.  Nobody can make a difference in parliament unless they are elected this way.  No political party has any right to be in our parliament.  Advance-Australia.com.au has a five step plan to get our country back on track, along with citizens initiated referendums.   Everyone is invited to read this plan and know how Common Law proposes to go forward.

The subject of the word Commonwealth was mentioned.  It means common wealth (of the people).  We have no wealth any more as everything is owned by international corporations.  We want to take back our common wealth.   We want our country back!

One of the first referendums that would happen as part of the future plan would be to take out the first 8 parts of our Constitution because that is a British parliament act.  

Mike shared a trick on how to make a strong paste to use on putting up flyers.   We have many flyers available at meetings and will introduce more to cover all subjects. 

Food issues and health was mentioned and how to go back to organics.  James mentioned a scheme called Permaculture Australia which has plans to taking back unused park areas and starting to farm them for organic vegetables.  Our good has been poisoned.  The assembly will be discussing ways of co-opting with land and natural lifestyle later on. 

Can we win this current battle peacefully?  One of the tenants of the military is “prepare for the worst and expect the best”.  We are doing that here.  We have been doing preparation for coping with some police violence at rallies.  We should definitely be able to defend ourselves.   We must be prepared but never initiate any violence.  

We do NOT need another party in the current political system in order to get out of this mess. 

We must stop thinking in their paradigm.   Large numbers in Common Law assemblies will build our new government.  It’s impossible to win anyway against the main political parties. 

People do not understand how to vote.  Do NOT vote any more.  Remove yourself from the electoral role by writing a letter to the AEC.

Get details of any business employee who is demanding sign in or mask and we will help you take them to court.

The meeting concluded at 3.30pm

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  1. This is Tony Ryan, formerly of Maroochydore, who some may remember conducting full demographic surveys of public opinion, from Buderim to the Maroochy River in the years 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010. I also wrote many online letters to the Sunshine Coast Daily, questioning the claims of the vaccine and cancer industries. In 2010 I established the website Australia Fights Back, on URL oziz4oziz.com/ One of the items of information provided by my website was the video statement by Bill Gates that his vaccinations would eliminate 80% of the world’s population. I could not then imagine how this vaccine could be forced.

    I then returned to my homeland in the NT’s Top End and assisted my Aboriginal family resist the genocide inflicted by the Federal and NT Governments, which are also assisted by the Rothschild-run Northern Land Council and RBA. Genocide is now joined by democide.

    I am now linked to Nuremberg 2, Oz resistance to the mRNA jab mandate (Darwin), and yesterday I sent a manuscript to the publishers of a 360 page novel that focuses on fabricated history and how to re-create a sane society, supposing we successfully overthrow the current political criminals.

    Good to see some sunny coasters have woken up.

    Kindest regards


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