Answering Local Council Demands for Private Information

This is a generic template letter designed to guide you to answer any local council demands to supply your private information to them.

Councils have been denied status or authority as a third tier of government in three constitutional referendums. They cannot exist in the law as government bodies.

They may claim to be government, but they are lying. It’s time we all stand up to these bullies who have assumed power over We, the People, and put a stop to their theft with menaces.

We are empowered by Clause 61 of the Magna Carta to Lawfully Rebel when a government no longer serves the will of the people. Remember that Councils claim they are public servants. We can remind them that they are our servants by sending them a letter similar to this one.

Template Letter to Local Council

This is a downloadable Template letter to send to Local Councils if they write to demand you send them your personal information. Please do not send this letter ‘as is’. Edit it and put in your own story and anything needed to state your case.

Size: 67KB

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