19 April, 2022 MEETING MINUTES, We the People, Castlemaine. 

Reading of last minutes referred to the document on the website. 

Treasurer reported purchase of Receipt Book ($9.95) for accounting purposes and emailed the spreadsheet to the Convenor to share with members on Google Docs. 

Current balance: $116.35 and jam jar collection of $30.35.

P— and L– shared an excellent presentation on Affadavits. 

Essentially Affadavits are a tool to facilitate you withdrawing consent to participate in the Corporate Commonwealth system.  It is the process by which we can define our activities in the Corporate (Public/Dead) System and/or the Private (Live) Non-Corporate System. In other words we can choose which sandbox or which parts of the sandbox we want to play in. 

Affadavits provide a court case via the mail. An affadavit creates a commonlaw contract with legal standing very often by way of tacit acquiesce. (Failure to respond). 

P— provided an overview of the requirements of the documents and the processes to be followed. L– provided templates and further information about the correct way to complete the documents.  

Following this terrific presentation both P— and L– have agreed to provide more specific examples of affadavits for our next meeting and members are invited to request specific examples of actions that interest them. Eg. infringement notices, rates notices,etc. This will be the nuts and bolts of using affadavits. 

L– emphasised the need to have an alternative identity “galactic emissary” which provides Diplomatic Immunity and thus Sovereign of our own realm.

L– also presented the Australian Immunisation Register Ceasing correspondence and release of information form to be completed to halt enquiry into our vaccination status. The form is IMO17.2202 avail from Medicare.

We would encourage everyone to complete this form in the advent of Social Service payments being linked to vaccination. Be prepared!

B—– and L– discussed the visit to Bendigo commonlaw group where we also met with M—— from Mildura. The meeting was designed to reignite the Bendigo group and Caresse has agreed to become the new Convenor. 

V—- and B—– discussed the visit to Shepparton for a Stand in the Park where B—— presented the Parallel Election initiative and a new convenor was found for the district. 

We briefly discussed the notion of being a Sovereign Being in a Crypto world and left the discussion with question marks around Barter/Trade and a Parallel Economy 

The Parallel Election was discussed with a request to spread the word. B—– has become the State Manager for Victoria and is looking for all the electorates to be filled. 

Nominations to be registered at electionadmin@commonwealthcustodians.org  We still need more Polling Booth Attendants and CANDIDATES!

We also need access to someone who will do some printing of fliers for us. Help please!

NEXT MEETING:  3 May at 6pm @ Jacqui Turnball’s home 56 Bowden St. Castlemaine. Please bring nibbles. Also friends and other Assembly members are very welcome. 

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