5th June Minutes Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly

Minutes of Meeting

Sunday 5th June 2022

Held at 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Paul Musk Convenor

Paul opened the meeting at 1:40pm with 13 in attendance.

Paul welcomed everyone to the meeting and proceeded with an apology for not sending the newsletter out but instead posted on the chat which may have resulted in the low attendance today.

Paul suggested a protocol for the meeting which he experienced at a Brisbane forum. Basically, the protocol is for each speaker to have 6 minutes.  After 5 minutes someone will raise their hand giving the speaker notice that they have one more minute. 

Paul spoke about the current election where most people in attendance here want to abandon the whole system and not give it any credence. Paul said the elections cost was in the vicinity of $500million and he personal experience where he tested the system for 2 weeks pre-polling and establish a fact that it is not difficult to vote at least twice. Changes to the voting system only supports main players in Paul’s opinion.

It was identified that the elections had many anomalies and those who have personal experience can file a statutory declaration and send it to Steve Dixon who is collecting this information.

Mike wanted to know if anyone has established a community garden to feed us all and suggested that any council parks and gardens be turned into a food source.

Paul stated he has acreage where it could be possible for him to offer someone space to grow things and that he is open to having an open day out at his place.

It was decided that we set up a team of 4 or 5 to approach council with the objective of setting up community gardens as a food source in public parks and housing estates.

Mike, Paul, Rosemary, Camillo and Karen put their hands up.

Cos mentioned the next Brisbane rally is on the 23rd July.  Location will be verified prior to this date.

Mike educated the members at the assembly on the Australian Constitution Act 1901 section 1 and 2. He stated that common law is based on the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights 1688 and our constitution are the basis of our law.

Mike suggests that everyone read the constitution which is available to download from the website.

It is important to get everyone to sign the charter as this becomes the local government of the people by the people for the people. It is up to each one of us to educating ourselves to create the conditions for people to come together as an assembly.

Mike suggested that groups of people go around to educate businesses in their local area.

There has been some confusion with the website not reflecting the correct dates for the meetings. Also the email newsletter has not been received by a number of people. Karen will assist in the updates and emails.

Paul moved a motion that we have Len Harris as a guest speaker in regards to the land titles.  Motion carried by June and 2nd by Cos.

Paul moved a motion that Karen’s friend who has extensive knowledge on the Magna Carta be invited as a guest speaker.  Motion moved by Karen and 2nd by Paul.

Treasurer reported by Cos. $800 in account from ANZAC day and door donations.  $35 used to fund Karen’s Office Works card in order to print out 10 copies of the constitution.

Additional suggestions but not moved

  • Every second Sunday the assembly to be in alternative location. 
  • Fund raising team to be formed.
  • BBQ as fund raiser to be held.

Next meeting will be on the 19th June at 176 Ballinger Rd Buderim

Meeting closed at 3pm.

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