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On behalf of the Executive Committee and all members of our Common Law Assembly, we would like to welcome you.


Each Assembly consists of Australians just like you who have decided to unite to work together to bring about a better future for everyone. To do that, we strive to Educate, Facilitate, and Activate everyone who joins us. By these efforts, we empower ourselves and others to ensure that we all learn how to stand up for our rights in any situation.

An important Website for you to refer to is It is under this umbrella that our Assembly has been established.  There is a lot of useful information presented there, as well as files, flyers, and other tools to help you develop your standing in Common Law.


Put simply, this is a lawful body that unites the people of a community and empowers them to govern themselves, elect Sheriffs, convene Courts and even train Civil Defense Teams.  The Assembly has the power to debate and enact any laws or regulations decided by the People, and to govern and protect the community under the rule of the Common Law and the authority of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

The Assembly is led by an Executive Committee, but acts as a body at large and according to the majority vote of its members.  Everyone is welcome to join us at our assembly meetings. However, only those who have signed the Charter can exercise a right to vote.  You can find the Charter here (


Everyone is welcome to our meetings. However, to become a member of an Assembly each member must sign a Charter to Establish and Maintain a Common Law Assembly. This Charter binds us together as a lawful local government, with all the powers of any government.

You do not have to sign a Charter to come to any of our meetings. However, only Chartered members can vote on Assembly business.

Should you decide to sign a Charter to join an assembly, you will be committing to join others to protect the rights of all members of our local community. You are always free to decide the extent of your involvement in the Assembly activities. We encourage everyone to become involved and actively support the activities of the Assembly and its elected Executive Committee within our community. 

Every member of a Common Law Assembly has the right to lawful remedy in any situation where it is believed that a wrong has been suffered, or inalienable rights violated. 

This capacity will be expressed through the issuance of laws to protect our inalienable rights, as well as in a common law court and jury system of twelve freely chosen people who will be the ultimate judge and authority in our Common Law courts, supported and enforced by Sheriffs and their Deputies who act as the primary peace officers within our community.

To put it simply, if you feel that you are being treated unfairly or unjustly, or you consider that your inalienable rights are being removed by the State Governments or their representatives, by any Regional or District Council and its Councilors/Enforcers, by the Police, or any other Government Body, you can raise the matter within the Assembly to seek remedy. 

Where appropriate, the Assembly may issue a Bylaw if your concerns are common within the community, or you can convene a Court and issue a Notice of Appearance to those who have harmed you, so that the matter can be brought before a Jury of 12 members of the community where the Plaintiff and Defendant can present their case directly to the Jury. There are no Lawyers in a Common Law court. However, they may sit in the court to advise, but they cannot address the Jury or the Court.

The Jury’s decision is final and binding, and the court Bailiffs and Sheriffs are empowered and required to carry out the verdict. They can do this directly, or they can deputize anyone, including the police, to assist them. The police recognize common law, and they are bound to obey it. 

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The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 was established by “We the People” and joined together New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.  Since Federation, this Constitution has been the Supreme Law of the Land.  The only way that this Constitution may be amended or repealed is outlined in Section 128 of the Constitution: It must be passed by a Referendum of all “electors in each State qualified to vote for the election of the members of the House of Representatives” – that is all Australians of voting age.

Constitutional Changes

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 has never been repealed by Referendum, but has been amended in accordance with these provisions by 8 out of 44 Referendums.  Common Law, this Constitution and the Federation of the Commonwealth therefore remain the highest laws of the land.  All State Constitutions are subordinate to it. In fact, Section 109 specifically states that when a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

Our common Law Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 guarantees the right of citizens to go about their lawful business unhindered by any government “authority”, the police or anyone else, as long as you are not suspected of committing a crime and are causing no harm or injury to others.

Sections 7 (Senate) and 24 (Lower House) guarantee that only we, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia, have the right to select our representatives to sit in Parliament. The Constitution does not mention Political Parties. If they are not enshrined in our Constitution they cannot exist in law. Despite this, over many years the political parties have assumed jurisdiction and control over the people of the Commonwealth of Australia to which they have no Authority. Each Assembly is dedicated to taking back control over the Parliament by electing people from the community to our common law government bodies. These representatives will be directly accountable to their community, and may be recalled and replaced at any time should they not act on the community’s directions.


Each man, woman and child is born free and possesses an inherent knowledge of what is true and right. All people are endowed with the inalienable right to establish among themselves their own governance, and defend themselves against any tyranny or violence, including that inflicted by internal or external authorities, that rule unjustly and arbitrarily without the free and uncoerced consent of the people. 

Common Law derives its authority from the people themselves, and from the capacity of the people to know what is just, and to judge right and wrong for themselvesThe aim of Common Law, therefore, is to re-establish direct relations of mutual aid among people by placing justice and the law within their reach again. And that devolution of power will simultaneously disestablish all hierarchical corporate institutions as a power over people.

Our inalienable rights may include, but not be restricted to all matters related to dignity, liberty, equality, the right to life and freedom from slavery, freedom of movement and residence, right of property and nationality, freedom of thought, opinion, expression, religion and conscience, peaceful association, a right to health care and other economic, social and cultural freedoms.


At the time of writing this Welcome, we are facing the draconian mandates of governments around the world who are exercising unlawful controls over our lives in relation to the “pandemic” which is referred to as COVID-19.  Much of our attention has been focused on addressing issues related to Government Mandates concerning face masks, PCR testing, QR Scanning, restrictions on access, vaccination, etc.

To counter this attack on our rights and freedoms, your assembly may ask you to vote for a Bylaw and a Stand Down Order addressed to the Civil and Police Authorities, ordering that they immediately cease and desist from requiring or imposing any COVID regulations on anyone in your community.

Assembly members are supplied with a By-law Business Pack to distribute to local businesses to encourage them to stand up for everyone’s rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution, the Magna Carta, and the English Bill of Rights 1688.

Assembly members are also encouraged to take part in other community events to protect and nurture our rights and freedoms.

No Common Law Assembly is alone.  Assemblies are being formed all over the world, based on the principles of Common Law.  All assembly conveners are encouraged to meet on weekly Zoom calls to exchange ideas and support each other’s efforts.


As a responsible member of the community and the Assembly, we ask that you spend some time reading our website and other documents we may suggest to enhance your comprehension of common law. Knowledge is power!

The minutes of each assembly meeting are posted on your assembly web page, which you can access here:

We list each assembly on this page. Click on the link for the assembly nearest you to find out the location, date, and time of their next meeting.

Education References

We value education and strive to help spread the knowledge we all need to stand up for our rights. You may wish to review some of the following links. – Our Common Law website – Contains articles that will answer many of your questions — A plan for the future that will revitalize our country after we have elected representatives to a Parliament of the People of the Commonwealth of Australia

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Assembly Welcome Pack

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