Blue Knob Meeting Minutes April 19th 

Meeting start 1pm 

Welcome to all and new people 

Common Law Session 

  • We discussed what is the Assembly Constitution. 
  • We decided to have some copies of the Constitution printed out as hardcopies of the constitution in book form are over $300 
  • We discussed and highlighted what requirements need to happen to be an official common law assembly. 
  • Once our community establishes, we will have the same rights as the powers of the government 

Community Session 

  • BKA Awesome Services Directory – names have been started on our directory. If you know any awesome people running services, please send to Louise or Jeanette B.
  • Comms – Monica will follow up some Comms leads and Barry has some excellent comms ideas 
  • Education – Discussion to put up gazebo’s locally and chat to people and hand out info. We discussed some thought provoking questions that the general public may ask 
  • Louise to organise printing and to get artwork done for flyers 
  • Discussion about meeting other assemblies. A suggestion was made for each of us to reach out to other assemblies. 
  • We decided to put an add in the Nimbin Good Times, Louise to sort artwork and place add. 

Other projects put on back burner until later date:

  • Let’s visit our local MP group 
  • Geo-engineering group 
  • Health and wellbeing group – detoxification, healing, herbs 
  • Spiritual/Inner wisdom growth group 
  • Building group – free energy devices, harmonizers, cloud busters 
  • Food production 
  • Community Support 
  • Legal rights 

Next Meeting : Next Meeting Tuesday 26th  April   Wadeville Woolies

We have cover, toilets and can bring nibbles. 

Donations  Total : $227.10 Enough to get some printing done 

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