Blue Knob Meeting Minutes April 26th

Meeting start 1pm 

Welcome to all and new people 

Common Law Session 

  • We now have some printed copies of the constitution. JB can do more to order for the 4th May. 
  • Discussion about the WHO ‘taking’ the Australian constitution. Is there any validity to this and who can fact check? 

Community Session 

It seems energies were a little scattered today. We have lots of options of BKA community projects and maybe some consolidation or taking things back a step might help with more clarity and direction. 

We know we want to create a new system that will work for us and the community. 

It seems food production, healing, education and energy production are areas where we could start to focus more clearly. 

Food Production – How what when and why do we do this? 

Pot hole repairs – A few people are keen to help repair the roads 

Energy Production – maybe a few people can get together to start to build one of some of these energy generators 

Other projects put on back burner until later date:

  • Let’s visit our local MP group 
  • Geo-engineering group 
  • Health and wellbeing group – detoxification, healing, herbs 
  • Spiritual/Inner wisdom growth group 
  • Building group – free energy devices, harmonizers, cloud busters 
  • Food production 
  • Community Support 
  • Legal rights 

Next Meeting : Next Meeting Tuesday 3rd May    Wadeville Woolies

We have cover, toilets and can bring nibbles. 

Donations  Total : $227.10 Enough to get some printing done 

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