Blue Knob Meeting Minutes  June 21st, 2022  

Meeting start 1pm

Opening Prayer, Talking Stick  

Welcome to all and newbies

Common Law Session

  • We started our Common Law Course.  We read and completed 1.2 And 1.2.

To Review, we have 4 Treasonous steps that have been taken in Australia by our Government.

  1. In 1960 our fake government took over the role as Governor General and they changed the Great Seal of the United Kingdom.
  2. In 1966 on valentine’s day our currency was changed without a referendum and without having the head of power, namely the queen.
  3. In 1973 Edward Whitlam took control of the government before vote counting had finished, took the queen out of the constitution and amended the Royal Style and Titles Act and make 2 constitutions. He made no justice in courts.
  4. In 1986 Bob Hawke enacted the Australia Act and the queen signed it, though not at the bottom of the document, instead Bob Had signed his name there.

Next meeting (in 2 weeks) we will do units 2.1 and 2.2. I will attach these first revised units with the email again.

  • Information and correspondence from commonwealth Custodians was passed around. No action to be taken.
  • Louise to share some links/info to follow up on about Mass Mind Control. See End of email

Community Session

  • Louise Purchased 21 t shirts and acquired some others. We need a squeegee to help with the screen printing. It was decided that we would have a T-shirt decorating day, to be arranged.
  • Pamphlets, still work in progress.  
  • The address book in progress, it will include skills and passions. In will include the core face to face group only.
  • We discussed if we go and have friendly chat with police, pollies, what information do we present or take with us. Please think about info that you would share to people in so called positions of power.
  • We filled all the workshops for the year. Louise would love some help advertising, printing, putting out flyers. Flyers will be done to hand out and share. We have the option of using Lilyfield Hall and will make a decision, as we would like to keep the same times and space for the permanent talks. Great feedback from last week’s talk.
  • We decided to hold off on advertising in Nimbin times this month. We have a bill of $100 to pay, Louise to organise.
  • Remember that it is important to keep our vibrations positive and up. This journey is one of spirituality and consciousness.
  • We spoke about the vaccine in the sprays. Geoff, Jeanette, Louise and Monica to Take action. First action is to Fact check the info. Louise to email info to Monica.

Workshop 28th June Reducing Stress and Anxiety in 15 mins  with Carol Reed  

Hanging Rock Hall 

Mind Control Information

Edward Bernay,  B.J. Fogg has founded a field called “captology,” derived from the acronym CAPT or “Computers As Persuasive Technology.  Psychologist Robert Epstein has unearthed the massive subliminal power of what he’s called the Search Engine Manipulation Effect, or SEME

Project MKUltra , Manchurian Candidates, The Nazi Human Experiment, Fluoridosis

Check Out The Globalist Groups

The Builderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Committee of 300, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Club of Rome, United Nations, Financial Institutions, Federal Reserve System, All Intelligence Agencies and Secret Society networks of all kind. High level military. Any organised world religion.

People’s Class Action: Education Industry

Louise, this meeting will be live via ZOOM tonight (Tuesday evening). The zoom will open at 7pm for a 7.30pm sharp start.
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Next Meeting : Next Meeting Tuesday 5th July   2022   Wadeville Woolies.

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