Blue Knob Meeting Minutes  June 7th  2022

Blue Knob Meeting Minutes  June 7th  2022  

Meeting start 1pm


Welcome to all and newbies

Common Law Session

  • We had a discussion about unincorporating and I mentioned a video about it. It is a personal journey and we are happy to respect individual choices. We may have someone coming to chat about it next meeting in 2 weeks.
  • We agreed to purchase Peak Dawn’s Common Law course 101 for 24.99. We are going to work through this course, week by week. Next meeting we will discuss Module 1.1 and 1.2.
  • LP spoke about the 12 Presumptions of law. I have attached a document for you to see.
  • We talked about affidavits and when and how they are used. We are curious as to whether a sheriff can be an Affidavit taker. An affidavit is a sworn statement that is sworn before an Affidavit taker. Examples of these are magistrates, commissioners, lawyers and conveyor’s. It is commonly used in court proceedings as a written alternative to giving evidence in person. They are used to tell a story in court. To create one it has to be witnessed and signed. It is always best to check these requirements with the courts first.

I have attached a template and other info for you to digest.

  • Sheriff. Louise did a presentation about why she feels she wants to be a sheriff. An oath was taken in front of the members and she is now a common law Officer Holder.
  • Louise also spoke of the power of the assembly as a whole entity, and 15 signatures are better than 1 for any documentation we wish to sign.

Sheriff INFO

The competence and training of all Sheriffs and Deputies will be overseen and directed by trained specialists under the authority of the local Sovereign Assembly. Every Sheriff and Deputy is accountable to the Assembly for their conduct and as elected officers can be democratically recalled at any time.

The practical skills of a Common Law Sheriff require that he or she be able to operate in any condition of danger with calm resolve, discipline and courage. Sheriffs must be competent in psychology, group dynamics and interpersonal conflict resolution. Perceptiveness, a strong memory and capacity for details, and the ability to act quickly and decisively on incomplete information in any situation is mandatory. Officers must be physically robust, healthy and self-reliant, with no history of mental or emotional incapacity, and no association with criminal or tyrannical forces.

The role of the Common Law Court Sheriff is fourfold:

  1. to provide security for the Court
  2. to deliver Court Summonses and Orders to Appear
  3. to detain and physically deliver to Court those summoned who evade a Court Order
  4. and to enforce the final sentence of the Court, including by jailing and monitoring the guilty.

The Sheriff does not perform these duties alone, but with deputies and other agents he appoints to assist him/her. Such a “posse” is another pejorative term that actually refers to an important traditional custom of mobilizing all the able-bodied men in a community to stop anyone who has committed a crime. The word “posse” comes from a Latin term pro (toto) posse suo meaning “to do the utmost in one’s power”.

Community Session

  • We found T shirts for $5 each. We voted on ordering some and discussed statements and slogans to use. We decided upon about 4. G B to make screens, LP to order shirts. We plan to spend up to $150 incl postage. End result, I spent $122.36 for 21 shirts incl postage. We are going on an outing J
  • Pamphlets, Mit and Mon will be creating a poster/flyer for us to put around the place. They will work on the wording.
  • Mitch is also creating a topological diagram and wants everyone’s addresses. Please let me know if you do NOT want your address to be shared. I will be sending him your email addresses. This map will help us with the Comms.
  • We discussed if we go and have friendly chat with police, pollies, what information do we present or take with us. Please think about info that you would share to people in so called positions of power.
  • We are finishing out banner, We want Activate, educate and Facilitate on it. Growing a garden in Your Heart and Love Flourishes, Love unites.
  • Louise asking for help with passing out flyers and advertising for workshops. Open to any support, happy to provide the flyers.
  • Remember that it is important to keep our vibrations positive and up. This journey is one of spirituality and consciousness.
  • We talked of the new Suburbs coming to Nimbin
  • this is the link to growing Lismore back better. Please have your say

Workshop 14th June 1.30pm   Becoming a Home Herbalist with Louise  

Hanging Rock Hall 

Next Meeting : Next Meeting Tuesday 21st June  2022   Wadeville Woolies.

Donations  Total :  $15 today

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