Blue Knob Meeting Minutes  May 10th 2022  

Meeting start 1pm 

Opening Prayer 

Welcome to all and newbies 

Common Law Session 

  1. Convenor meeting updates – what others are up to. Some other assemblies are actively doing other things. We can learn from Townsville becoming involved in the local council meetings and being proactive in council decisions.  
  2. Common Law or constitution Session – we read some of the constitution 
  3. The upcoming Elections Voting vs donkey vote – we had a discussion about voting and what would be the best options for voting in Page or Kyogle. There was a video played that was opened up discussion. We decided that next week we would look at recommended voting 
  4. It was discussed that a people election is planned for the future. 
  5. Voting scrutineers are needed. Please contact Alicia if you are interested. She need numbers for this area, the job is about 3 hours in the evening, watching the counting of the votes. Alicias number is 0404613046. 
  6. Becoming a Constitutional Assembly Louise spoke of the benefits of being A Constituted Assembly We have people taking their Assembly oath. The sheriff will be on the way. We need another 6 constituted members. 

Community Session 

  • Flyers for info day 
  • Counsel Minutes 

Updates: For 

Food production – Co-op list was shared out, ask Louise if you want bulk goods or bulk goods prices. I will attach with these minutes. 

We might be able to purchase/have a second hand vacuum sealer. 

Communications – B & M Update  – No Updates 

Education – Our info days, starting to advertise the Forum/Workshop 

We discussed our plan for our info day, People volunteered to help out on Wednesday and sat. Louise brought flyers and will provide gazebo and table. We decided no need to be prepared, we will see what the people want. Banner still to come from down south. 

Health and healing – Mindset, get off google – We spoke of a buddy system, where we can put our hands up for a chat. Everyone was happy yo share their emails and phone numbers. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT YOUR DETAILS KEPT PRIVATE. 

Those who are willing to be help buddies, Please let me know. CW and LP on the list so far. Help buddies are people who are willing to be LISTINERS for others who need to debrief or to have someone to talk to. 

Other discussion about mindset is being mindful off your footprint. Where do you shop, what companies do you buy off, do you have a gmail account,, do you use google? What are the other options? How are you supporting the corporations? What can you change? 

We also have to overcome the fear and being empowered. 

Other Matters Arising 

We believe we are best leaving our phones and devices in our cars. 

More social events, there is one this Sunday at hanging rock hall. If you want to share dinner breakfast for just be social let us know. LP having women’s circle this Fri night. All women welcome. 

A Know your handbook was shares K has access to this hand book 

We spoke of role playing and thinking about what parts of the law we need to learn about first. What issues do people encounter? 

We had a discussion about decorporating. More information is needed on this and maybe we can address this topic after the elections. 

We had ladies from casino and they shared their experiences and connections. 

Lawful me with Nick Patterson here is the link is a cost for this, lots of resources. 

Also mention of having the meeting in the morning so we can spend all day. What are people’s ideas on this? 

Great to see the group growing 

Next Meeting : Next Meeting Tuesday 17th May 2022   Wadeville Woolies

We have cover, toilets and can bring nibbles. 

Donations  Total :  $219

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