Blue Knob Meeting Minutes May 3rd 2022

Meeting start 1pm 

Opening Prayer 

Welcome to all 

Common Law Session 

  1. Updates on the dual election process. LP did an overview of the recent convenor meeting from last night. People agreed a harmonious environment is of upmost importance and fighting between groups is not acceptable. The discussion of Acting Locally was an exciting one and was continued throughout the meeting.  
  2. There is discussion about having an election of the people. No timeline has been set, though is a long term goal. 
  3. Do we need to de-corporatize ourselves? This was a good discussion, some for and some opposed. We feel it is up to the individual, though if the group wants to find out more, feel free to bring in any information you have. 
  4. What are our local councils doing? We are going to use the next 6 weeks to correlate information and data from our local community with our info days. 
  5. Everyone was in agreeance to this.  We need to start holding councils accountable for their decisions. Starting at this grassroots level will have a big impact further up the line too, as the councils will have to start listening to the people.
  6. The National management team consists of Mike Holt, Lee Pilcher, and Glenn Sinclair. Together, they have built the website and provided the information free for everyone to access. All this takes time and money. So if you could encourage your assembly members to donate a couple of dollars a month through the website that would be a big help. This podcast series is available for everyone to learn about the Constitution. I will continue to record this series at each of our assembly meetings.
  1. Constitution reading  – We read the first page. 
  1. Oath to our assembly – Louise Took the Assembly oath witnessed by 8 people. Here are the links for you to sign up to a charter and to take the common law oath. I believe it would be good as I am still wanting to follow through and become a sheriff. The chapter needs numbers to do this. 

Anyone who completes and signs the Assembly Charter has the right to vote at our meetings. Here is the link for you to sign 

  1. We had a discussion about Natural Law and how Common law can be an opener to this. 

Community Session 

  • It has been discussed that rather than spreading ourselves thin we all focus on doing few things and doing them well. We all have a common goal to see the world the way we want it to be. Freedom is a key focus word. What does that mean? 
  • An info day has been planned for next Wednesday in Nimbin. In fact we plan to do maybe 4 weeks to correlate information and see what the community has to say, needs, wants?? 
  • Signs will be made up, saying Educate, Facilitate, Activate.  We are the voice of the Community. The disc flyers will hopefully arrive at the end of the week. They will require cutting out and Comments/Suggestions Box can be made up. 
  • This could lead onto a presentation/workshop/forum that can be presented back to the community. 
  • A meditation night has also been suggested. 

Updates: For 

Food production – Ba spoke of the values of vacuum packing. Might be costing one the community can have access to. Louise will bring in food list for dried bulk organic goods. 

Communications – Ba still trailing comms before making his recommendation. 

Education – Info Days being planned. 

Health and healing – There is a wealth of healers out there and many alternative medical solutions. These could be networked and promoted. 

Next Meeting : Next Meeting Tuesday 10th May 2022   Wadeville Woolies

We have cover, toilets and can bring nibbles. 

Donations  Total :  

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