Today was our first assembly for 2022. Venue: The Hub, central Caboolture. It is a pleasant public area (although rife with electromagnetic radiation!) with sophisticated bathroom facilities in the close-by library building.

Mick opened the meet at 11.35 am. He introduced himself to the large crowd & the reason he volunteered for the Convener position. 

Nineteen Charter members were present.

Mick continued … 

  • no-one needs a licence or permission to do what they can do &/or are good at. 
  • When people are RESPONSIBLE, laws are not necessary. 
  • Should you have a beef with someone – personal or governmental – mediate before starting any legislative procedure. Send letter number one; if no response within 28 days, send letter number two. Should there be no response after 14 days, send letter number three. If still no response, then these letters are ‘witness’ one, two & three. An unrebutted statement stands. Now create a Statuary Declaration with all the evidence.

Secretary Jools motioned that the published minutes of 19 December 2021 be approved. Mick brought attention to a necessary correction – noted for editing. Motion seconded by Vicki.

Treasurer Jayde presented her report & the current amount in the kitty. She asked for interest from the gathering regarding purchasing merchandise – T-shirts, badges, etc. There was a show of hands. Merchandise sales can raise funds for the operation of the assembly.

Mick explained the Common Law Charter member procedure & encouraged people to apply. Full details & application available on

He stated that the Common Law judiciary stems from an ancient system of open-air court gatherings with twelve free men as jurors. 

He gave a short plug for the planned community garden at Toorbul – contact Geff or Jools. Mick also mentioned Lisa’s offer of 12 acres at Narangba available for varied activities.

Vicki proposed a motion for an event at the Narangba site on 26 January 2022, a national public holiday. Second Annette. Motion Carried. Portable toilets & a generator would be the only expenses. 

Guest speaker Eric spoke to the group. He explained he’s been researching for some time & shared a collection of medical facts. He encouraged us not to fill out the intake form should a hospital visit be necessary. This document gives the institution license to do what they want – like inject a medical device! Eric warned that life insurance is negated if you participate in a medical experiment. He suggested securing an air filter for domestic use. Eric allowed his EMR tester to pass around the gathering for use on oneself (!) or any possession. 

John, yet again, stepped in to enthuse his observations of the current society & give a short harmonica recital.

Two women confirmed & elaborated on Eric’s suggestions for necessary supplements to retain health & immunity. 

Sheriff David presented badges to our three new sheriffs. Amanda & Mitchell from Burpengary. And Dan from Deception Bay. Fantastic!

Mick expressed Sheriff is another aspect of tradition for restoration. He read out some Rudolf Steiner quotes & asserted our culture is plagued with ‘appearance’. (Secretary: think about that. What is real? What is under the surface?) MSM is certainly endeavouring to maintain the appearance of a p(l)andemic.

A call went out for volunteers to help Julie & Michelle co-ordinate the 26th January event at Narangba.

Mick told a dire story of a priest who lost his faith after receiving the medical device! 

Homeschooling is still on track. Parents can visit the Beachmere ‘base’ on Tuesdays 10 am – 2 pm. Other options are available – full details from Jayde.

Our pets & all animals require attention & care also. Mick called for a volunteer to solicit all veterinarian clinics regarding their pro-choice status. 

The ‘circle of the stick’ commenced. 

A woman informed us Kazakhstan has outed the cabal & is beginning to be governed by the people.

Sheriff Amanda outlined the UK based Vaccine Control Group & how one can become a participant – she supplied an online link. Also, she reiterated the QR code is voluntary. The Qld Govt website sets this out – we can legally decline use.

Another woman elaborated on the usage of the code. 

A man had a question: his retirement complex facilities are curtailed as he has not taken the clot shot. Yet he is still required to pay fees for the ‘service’. No answer was presently available. 

Cedric helped us change the energy of our discussions. He led a few exercises to release any heaviness.

Colin volunteered to phone all veterinarians in the region & create a spreadsheet with the results. 

The meeting closed at 1.40 pm. People then sausage-sizzled & chatted. 

The next meeting is on 23 January 2022 – the venue will be advised.

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