The weather was blowy! Again. People massed in the BBQ shelter at Centenary Park with views of swans on the lake. The sausage sizzle was firing up with the cooking done on borrowed portable BBQs, which were more efficient than the one council provided.

Convener Mick opened the meeting at 11.33 am. He spoke of what Common Law means to him & as a collective & stated Common Law supports local businesses. 

He did not present an agenda. 

The meeting proved to be a platform for many spokespeople of various persuasions. 

Sheriff Pam announced a community meet at Morayfield Community Hall on Friday, December 3, for Moreton Bay Businesses Unite. Also, a petition is being signed to send to the council as they declined their invitation to the meet.

Mitz encouraged emails to be sent to the council telling personal stories, business experiences of lost money & jobs. And to advocate unity in the shire with no discrimination.

Kirsten said should the council discriminate, she would be telling them she’d stop paying rates till they sorted out an agreement.

Debbie, an Anglicare worker, cited reactions to a much-talked-about medical procedure she’d seen in those in her care, particularly the elderly – like death.

Sam, a Common Law charter member, promoted the by-law for businesses created by Caboolture Common Law Assembly. This document details the Commonwealth of Australia  Constitution Act 1901 section 51, 23A (referendum 1946). Copies of the by-law were immediately available or downloaded from the website. She also called for Sheriffs. 

Sheriff David reminded us we all have one share in the Commonwealth, but currently, that is taken away from us. He advised that December 3 would see the government out of money.

Pam volunteered an alert regarding money.

Eric, from the health sector, urged us to choose our medical procedures wisely. He asserted the government had declared war as the latest ‘medical procedure’ offered is, in fact, a bio-weapon. He took questions .. & stated voting implies agreeing to their terms & conditions.

John, a music industry member, offered bits & pieces of his views & gave a short harmonica recital.

Mick called for questions.He asked those wishing to speak at the Moreton Bay Businesses Unite meet on Friday night to lodge a request. 

Sam spoke briefly on Common Law Court procedure & stated Court positions were open. Caboolture C. L. Assembly will meet again on December 12 2021, at 11.30 am Centenary Park Caboolture. 

The meeting closed at 12.30 pm.

Ah, an afterthought by Mick. 

It was determined 12 Charter members were present. Minutes of the last two meetings were offered by secretary Jools for approval, seconded by Sam. Treasurer Jadye informed us there is $800 plus in the kitty. She called for volunteers to provide skills regarding merchandise to sell to boost the amount required to buy a marquee for the assembly.

Michelle, AustraliaOne north Brisbane coordinator, invited all to a meet to establish a Supporter Group – Thursday, December 2, 5.30 pm at 17 Morayfield Road (purple house).

Auxiliary meet closed at 12.55 pm. 

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