Caboolture Common Law Assembly Meeting – Minutes Sunday 06/02/2022


58 people present, 16 Chartered members

Mick delivered a Convener’s welcome 

Mick spoke about what is Common Law

  • Encouraged people to do some research of their own 
  • Origin source of Common Law goes back to English Monarchy
  • Governed by ‘Trial by Jury’
  • Natural Law, God’s Law

Anne-Marie – Secretary Report

  • Call for confirmation of previous minutes, seconded by Jayde
  • Minutes for 23/01/2022 have been uploaded to website

Jayde – Treasurer’s Report

  • Common Law merchandise is now available, please support
  • Flags $40, T-Shirts $30, Caps $25, Stickers $5
  • Newly purchased Common Law Marquee, received funding from Sunshine Coast CLA

Amanda – Sheriff’s Report

  • Serving arrest warrants has been completed
  • Questions are welcome
  • Call out for more Sheriffs
  • A notebook will be circulated for people with an interest in becoming a Sheriff
  • Education is provided to learn laws under Common Law

Joel – Invitation received from Sunshine Coast CLA to attend Freedom Fest in the Park

  • Opportunity to sell Merchandise
  • We will run a Sausage Sizzle
  • Date:  26/02/2022 from 3pm to 7pm @ Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore

Anneke – Community Garden 

  • Unfortunately, Narangba property no longer an option
  • Call out to anyone prepared to offer their property for garden
  • Mailing List for Garden will continue

Joel – Extended thank you for Australia Day Event

  • Big thank you for all who gave their support in the setup/clean up
  • Special thanks to those who gave financial support
  • Thank you to everyone who was involved, it was a massive undertaking
  • We have learnt what a major effort is involved in successfully running an event
  • Things are happening in the background to repair the grounds after the wet weather

Chris – Enforce Confidence of Common Law

  • Educate yourself on Common Law
  • Some of the process is not easy
  • Something grows by surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Like-minded people support and help you achieve goals
  • Encouragement – ‘Circle of Influence’
  • Chris is a Sheriff.  Tested, challenged check in app, masks, etc
  • When it comes to challenging – you must respond 1st
  • If you receive an infringement notice, act quickly. This sets up the ball in your court.
  • Sheriff must have law on their side, know the law. Know role and responsibilities.
  • Common Law needs more exposure to grow the assembly
  • Growing assembly, grows more Sheriffs, there is Power in Numbers
  • Knowing your Rights gives you Mental Ammunition

Joel – Common Law

  • Common Law is international
  • Not all places acknowledge Common Law
  • Crown was God’s Crown
  • Bible is always in court room
  • A lot of countries don’t acknowledge God and the Bible in same way

Chris – Australian Federal Election

  • Call to action
  • Set Marquee at the largest Polling Booths to educate the public
  • While we still have Corporation running voting system, we have a problem
  • Fill out vote where it counts
  • Move motion – Greg seconded
  • Outcome of Governor General being served by Rod Culleton is ongoing
  • Action is happening in Australia
  • Handouts available on how to deal with Police

Mike – Information on Common Law

  • There is now Common Law Assembly in NZ, UK, Greece, etc
  • Common Law Assembly is growing for us to ‘live in freedom’
  • Action process to serve Police is available on website
  • You do not require a Sheriff
  • You do not need evidence to serve documents to Police
  • Documents can be downloaded and the ‘how to’ is all there
  • The Police have no jurisdiction 
  • Takeover of Australian by the Corporation
  • STEP 1 -Political party controlled parliament took control of the Governor General (GG) by putting the fake Great Seal of Australia (at right) on the Queen’s GG appointment letter. Since then, all GG’s have been under the control of, and paid by, the political party corporate government.
  • STEP 2 – 1966 the Australian government took all the money and had to borrow from US
  • The US would only provide a loan under two conditions
  • That currency was changed and Australian people were sent to Vietnam to fight for the US
  • STEP 3 – Whitlam stole election before voting finished
  • Took hold of ministries, changed much of the Constitution without Referendum
  • Registered 2 copies of Constitution in US. Queen of Australia does not exist
  • 1986 Bob Hawke, the Australia Act.  The Queen would not sign the document properly because a referendum was not held.  She signed at the top of the document to acknowledge she had seen it but not as acceptance.
  • At the election, don’t vote for Criminals. Ignore fines. They have no authority.
  • Court convened under Clause 5 of the 1901 Constitution.
  • Supreme Law = Common Law
  • Businesses do not work for government
  • CIR Website – how to fight the Government and businesses in court
  • STEP 4 – Advance Australia is plan for the future
  • Caboolture CLA has 250 members, Sunshine Coast CLA has 750 members
  • Once we have 5000 members, one Regional Government
  • There will be no states
  • 50 Assemblies, one applicant from region in Federal Parliament – Section 51
  • A six-person team – each person has a team
  • No law is valid unless it is tested
  • Politicians represent the Party.  We would have Parliament with no Parties.
  • STEP 5 – Build defence force, every man/woman serves in military or civil service
  • All given guns.
  • Guns, ammunition, tanks, etc made in Australia

Passing of the Stick

  • Question:  Close Clinics – what is happening in this space?

Answer – we have court orders, cease and assist notice.  We cannot arrest until we have more power.  We need more police on our side.  A Sheriff is not required to come with the people.  Massive issue – comes from Crown not Queen.  Authority of the Crown, the people are the Commonwealth.

  • Question: Serving Police – Velvet Revolution served.  What can we do to make it work?

Answer – the Velvet Revolution and Common Law have teamed up.  Outcome is good.

It is about the Police not doing their job.  If they do not provide an Incident Number then keep going back, keep serving until they do.  Swear to Corporation.

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  The Incident Number from PoliceMUSTstart with QP otherwise it will be binned.  If it starts with QI it is an intel number and is useless.  
  • Question:  What happens with the Emergency Public health ending in March?

Answer – Will only end when we make it end.

  • Question:  Coles and Woollies have their mandates for staff coming up, what can we do?

Answer – We need to stop supporting these businesses.  

  • Question:  Around kids being made to wear masks at school

Answer – wording from schools is it is encouraged; it is not mandatory for children in grades 3 – 6 however it is mandated for grades 7 – 12.

NB: it was raised the importance of having a document on your person 

  • In case of car accident, etc.  You need to ensure you have evidence to say ‘do not jab’
  • If you don’t have this, you may get jabbed as part of hospital procedures

Budget Register

  • It was raised that a budget register be created so that those who donate know where their donation has been used.
  • Marquee cost the Assembly $1600, raised $1000 and Sunshine Coast subsidised the rest of the cost.
  • Merchandise has cost $3000

Anneke – General Consent Forms from Schools

  • Read general consent forms from schools thoroughly. 
  • It has been noted a section about medical treatment which includes jabs.  
  • You can send a legal letter stating your child is not to be jabbed. 
  • The letter needs to be worded ‘biological mother/father of ………’ 

DO NOT reference as ‘child’ as this means still born. 

  • There is a template for parents on Australian Vaccination-risk Network website 
  • Fair Business Australia FB Page have a pack to use for schools (cost incurred)

Johnny – Plays harmonica, uses music to bring people together

  • Played a tune in remembrance of a friend who recently passed away due to the stress experienced from being refused entry to a restaurant for not QR coding in and physically pushed out.

Protection from Shedding was recommended

  • Nano Soma for protection from shedding and to assist the immune system – for more information or to purchase contact Laura on 0412 933 226.


Joel – Wellness Camps

  • Amanda and Joel have created a Telegram Page called ‘Moreton Bay Phone Tree’  

to find people in your local area

  • Few people on mass to send message

Mike – SMS System 

  • Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly have a server underway
  • They are also providing Courses, Common Law 101 under an education platform

Joel – invitation to Annette to discuss project

  • Update on judicial review in high-risk setting
  • Annette is lead applicant; 4 cases put forward by Crown
  • Hearing in April
  • Will be present at every case
  • Home Schooling Program at Narangba
  • Location – Cnr of Matterhorn St & Tibrogargan Dr, Narangba
  • Starting:  Friday 11th @ 9am

Joel – Statement:  Nothing works unless you connect with people

Sam – Request for nice meme which portray the lies by Government

  • Formulating a Campaign
  • Eg: an event with a pic of what is reality and what is a fake pic by government
  • These types of situations need to be flooded in social media, we need your help
  • Email memes to:

Next Meeting / Upcoming

Sunday 20/02/2022, 11.30 – Centenary Lakes, Caboolture

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