Caboolture Common Law Assembly Meeting – Minutes Sunday 20/02/2022, 11.30 – Centenary Lake, Caboolture


49 people present, 16 Chartered members + 2 members from Brisbane Central CLA

Mick delivered a Convener’s welcome 

  • Special welcome to Brisbane Central CLA members

Anne-Marie – Secretary Report

  • Call for confirmation of previous minutes, seconded by Dan
  • Minutes for 20/02/2022 have been uploaded to website
  • Encouraged attendees. Membership is free and allows you to have a vote

Treasurer’s Report

  • Closing balance in A/C $370.50
  • Approx. $700 in cash as balance including Marquee purchase from donations
  • Big thanks to all who have given donations
  • Co-Treasurer seconded by Jayde

Amanda – Sheriff’s Report

  • Our way forward with election coming up. We can make an impact
  • Refer to YouTube video by Topher Field: 
  • Get to know who is in your local area – develop relationships and build community 

Mick spoke about Mandates

  • Fighting mandates is about knowing how to respond
  • Self-education in Common Law and having right mind set
  • You can only help those who want to help themselves
  • To make a stand, you must be prepared to go to court
  • The same people who are concerned about China/Russia are same people enforcing mandates.
  • Get to know your local members, this is who we need to vote for at election

Sam – Freedom Fest in the Park, Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore

  • We plan to setup Marquee at this event on Saturday 26/02/2022
  • Event from 3pm – 7pm (set up time is 1.30pm)
  • Looking for volunteers (6 req’d), please see Sam 

Joel – Assembly on Redcliffe Peninsula

  • New Marquee to be used over next few months to hold CCLA at different MBR locations 
  • The first location will on Redcliffe Peninsula, suggestions welcome
  • Floating idea of run Merch/Info stall at Sunday, Redcliffe Jetty Markets in the near future

Joel – additional microphone

  • Additional mic to be purchased for practicality during Q&A
  • 12 members voting in favour 

Joel – Call out for 4th Treasurer

  • Anne-Marie volunteered as 4th treasurer

Mick – Issues following the Australia Day Event

  • Lost Property:
  • Found – (1x clear tub, 1 x blue tape measure)
  • Also missing is one lump hammer and one claw hammer
  • Someone will be visiting the property to discuss missing items, they may be still on property
  • Repair to the grounds: 
  • Booked delivery of sandy lime ($300 expense item)
  • Call out for helpers to spread this around the property

Mick – Education Session @ Morayfield Community Hall

  • Zev Freeman, involved in Common Law for 12 – 15 years to run an education session
  • If there is enough interest, this will be held at the Morayfield Community Hall
  • There is a cost involved, most likely $10 per head.
  • Looking at this being an afternoon event 
  • Annette – Update on Home Education Support Program @ Gecko Gully, Narangba   
  • Been seeing around 30 attend
  • Various opportunities
  • Fridays 9am – 11am but often runs past 11am 
  • Contact Annette for further details – 0427 415 766

Mick – Community Garden Opportunity

  • A property at Toorbul has been offered. Mick will follow up

Joel – Convenor Zoom Meetings

  • Mike Holt holds nation-wide convenors meetings on Monday nights
  • This is a planning and liaison meeting for assembly office holders
  • There are other countries now wanting to use CL which means world-wide expansion
  • Over the next few months these meetings will discuss post Canberra under the Common Law banner eg: how Common Law can lend support to Canberra
  • Keep an eye on Facebook Page

Passing of the Stick

  • Question:  Over turning agreement – is it also about Federal Reserve Bankers?

Answer – Yes

  • Question: Lyn Bennetts from Velvet Revolution wants all Sheriffs to be issued with firearms to enforce the documents that were served. Interested in becoming a Sheriff for CCLA.

Answer – Common Law are not a part of Velvet Revolution.  Common Law Sheriffs do not use firearms.

  • Statement:  Thank you to Mick and team from Joanne. Only 2nd time at CCLA.  Appreciates what is happening here.
  • Shared Experience:  Nick shared experience from Canberra.  A positive place but disappointed with Government for causing burns and injuries to community.  Enough is enough.  Still feeling ill from what happened and expressed strong dislike for police since.
  • Shared Experience:  Kate shared highlight from Canberra.  During the drive, stopped for toilet break and put signage on car.  An ADF marched over and said “I want to thank you for being the voice that we can’t be.”  He could not thank them enough.Many couldn’t be there but were with us in soul and spirit. So much love and kindness. Keep fighting for those who don’t have voices.
  • Statement:  Francis said with up-coming election she would like to start petitioning against the corruption in her area at Burpengary
  • Statement:  Confirmed by a judge, mandates will be dropped by the end of the month
  • Statement:  Johnny Pink Hair – sonic treatment, can’t believe Australian Government are doing this.  Had an apple thrown at him by a boy.  People are different since jab including family members.  5G everywhere, challenging for him to get around. 
  • Mick stated: democracy is not the right to vote.  Government trial by Jury.  90% of convictions is by guilty plea
  • Question:  Joanne asked if an interest as a community to gather outside local members office.  To provide awareness and give voice to members of Community.  There are many concerns.  She also raised the presence of CCTV @ HUB.  

Answer:  It is planned that CCLA will target major polling booths with the Marquee

Statement:  Suggest all candidates be invited to group meeting to be questioned by CCLA


  • Artwork for Sale: Annette has some water damaged artwork for sale at reduced prices.   All hand painted by first nations people.  If interested, contact Annette – 0427 415 766.

Liberal Democrats Candidate for Longman – Jens Lipponer

  • Jens accepted invitation to speak about why he became a candidate
  • Election to be end of April, early May
  • He wants to be a voice for the people and against all mandates
  • It was suggested be become educated in Common Law
  • He has joined the Common Law Facebook Page

Previous minutes confirmed by Jayde

Meeting closed 1.35pm.  Followed by sausage sizzle & chat

Next Meeting / Upcoming

Sunday 06/03/2022, 11.30 – Centenary Lakes, Caboolture

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