Caboolture Common Law Assembly Meeting

Sunday 06/03/2022, 11.30 – the HUB, Caboolture

 *** CCLA Phone:  5400 5883 ***


43 people present, 16 Chartered members + 2 members from Brisbane Central CLA

Mick delivered a Convener’s welcome 

  • Acknowledgement to Brisbane Central CLA members
  • There are people organising to take donations down to Lismore
  • Call out for donations 
  • Shelly will be bringing around a donation tin for hay bales
  • An electrician has confirmed that electrical safety switches are highly sort

Many suppliers of this item have lost their stock due to flooding

  • Lismore has limited SES, Army, etc volunteers
  • Member Ange is heading down Tuesday March 8 for the day to deliver supplies

She will be taking down water, fuel, etc

Joel has offered to fill Ange’s vehicle with fuel and discuss cost at next assembly. 

CCLA will cover the cost, Greg has seconded this decision.

  • CCLA has offered to donate all their water, 8 slabs. Voted and passed by 12 members.

Mick – What is Common Law

  • Common Law is a set of values and the basis of our legal system
  • Law of the Land
  • Vax Control Group:  you can access an exemption card stating you cannot be vaccinated
  • This card is a useful tool to access venues

Anne-Marie – Secretary Report

  • Call for confirmation of previous minutes, seconded by Greg
  • Minutes for 20/02/2022 have been uploaded to website
  • Reminded people to record their name on sign in sheet, Anitta will circulate

Treasurer’s Report

  • Annette report that balance in A/C is currently $1046.15 which includes floats

Amanda – Sheriff’s Report

  • Nil to report 

Mick – Forms

  • If anyone requires particular forms, please email assembly
  • Email: 
  • Requested forms will be available at the next assembly

Mick – Urgent Submission request for SOE

  • Thanks to all who put through a submission
  • Deadline was midday March 4, these will now be on record

Mick – Requests for assistance from Common Law

  • We recently received an enquiry for help in regards to Elder Abuse

Caboolture CL will be looking into this to see how we can offer assistance

  • If you need help and feel that CL can assist.  Please contact our Sheriffs
  • Please note that 90% of cases are based on guilty plea.  
  • It definitely pays to challenge fines

Karen – Easter Raffle

  • This will be a multi-draw raffle which will be drawn at Assembly on April 3
  • Call out for donations eg: services, vouchers, products
  • Karen will hold donations from Caboolture, Annette – Narangba, Anne-Marie – Redcliffe area
  • The List of prizes will be at secretary’s desk
  • Tickets $5

Joel – Freedom Fest in the Park, Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore

  • This has been deferred to April due to flooding, TBC
  • We plan to setup the Marquee, sell merch and run a sausage sizzle
  • Event details will remain the same 3pm – 7pm (set up time is 1.30pm)
  • Would love some volunteers (6 req’d), please see Sam 
  • Jason Miles has been contacted, confirmed he would like to be a part of this event

Joel – Rally/Recruitment Drive

  • A National membership Drive will take place on Sunday March 13th
  • The Marque will be set up at New Farm Park and will run a sausage sizzle
  • Information and awareness will be provided to encourage people to become members
  • We will follow with support to Brisbane CLA to assist the development of their assembly
  • This event will commence at 10am
  • We would love your support 

Joel – Lost Property from Australia Day Event

  • Joel met with property owner, most of the missing items have been collected

Joel – Database of Businesses and Skill Set

  • Looking at creating a database of businesses we can support
  • Hoping to have a list of business we can support as well as support to people with skills
  • Please see Anne-Marie at next CCLA

Passing of the Stick

  • Leigh – taking a horse float full of hay bales: 80 bales. Bales are $10ea. Livestock in Lismore have no food. Ange donated $110 towards hay.  Shelly circulated a donation tin around the assembly. CCLA offered to donate some of the float to help pay costs of hay.  Voted and passed by 12 members.
  • Brisbane CLA Members – invitation:  All welcome to join their assembly meeting on Sunday at New Farm Park.  Wayne (Convenor) encouraged all to come and raised awareness that Police in SA now do not have mandates.
  • Statement:  Caroline raised that community groups are getting smaller.  Concerned that now things are calmer, people are becoming relaxed.  She encouraged people not to become too comfortable.  Keep attending events and gatherings and keep fighting for our freedoms.  We need to come together and share experiences and stories, build relationships.
  • Statement:  Christine warned all to have food stocks and water.  Be careful who you tell, what you have.  Trust your friends in the group.  She has a feeling about April 11 – the Great Reset.  This could be the date it starts.  Keep an eye on your bank account.  Join together, look after yourself and your neighbours.
  • Question:  Francis says her main concern is the 1776 CL by Trump says we all should be following.  Our Constitution comes from US.  Why can’t we use the Australian Constitution as our Laws?

Answer: Mick responded; English Common Law pre-dates US.  We are protected by the crown 1900 Constitution and defend our Constitution.

  • Statement:  Sarah recommended Mark Christopher’s youtube videos called markkishonchristopher. He is a Federal Judge, Post Master General.  Explains how weather is being controlled by Globalist.  Currently Hollywood people hiding in bunkers at Byron Bay and living on yachts off the East Coast. Be careful who you talk to, Cabal is hanging around. Please filter drinking water, de-mineralised water can cause fatigue.  Supplements are important as well as herbal tea.  Ground yourself to the divine mother – we are going through ascension. We are at a crossroads to our spiritual connection.   
  • Statement:  Dan made us aware of the Prepper Collective on Telegram.  There is extensive 

Information available on this page.

  • Statement: Johnny Pink Hair – read a passage from his book titled ‘Our Soul Music Journeys’ and then played a tune on his harmonica.  Johnny donated a copy of his book to the Easter Raffle.  Thankyou Johnny!!!
  • Statement:  Christine invited people to join her to camp at Parliament House for the Convoy to Brisbane – Parliament House Rally Tues, March 15 – 17.
  • Question:  Joanne asked if any interest as a community to gather outside local members office.  To provide awareness and give voice to members of Community.  There are many concerns.  She also raised the presence of CCTV @ HUB.  WE might be getting watched.

Answer:  It is planned that CCLA will target major polling booths with the Marquee

Statement:  Suggest all candidates be invited to group meeting to be questioned by CCLA

Previous minutes confirmed by Greg

Meeting closed 12.50pm.  Followed by sausage sizzle & chat

Next Meeting / Upcoming

Sunday 20/03/2022, 11.30 – the HUB, King Street, Caboolture

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