Caboolture Inaugural Common Law Assembly Minutes

Sunday 17th October 2021

Meeting began at 1.30pm.

Sam introduced herself and welcomed everyone to the first Caboolture Common Law Assembly.  There are two principles under common law: 

1.  Do No Harm

2. Take Responsibility For Your Own Action

Sam gave a brief rundown of how this Country was stolen by the politicians.

Sam reminded all attendees that it is up to US to display non-violent non-compliance en masse regarding the mandate and to decide what is right.

Sheriff Wayne spoke about what it means to be a Sheriff.  He said how we need thousands of sheriffs (ideally one or two in every suburb) to 1. Keep the peace and 2. Effect change.

Sheriff David then spoke about his study of the monetary system which alerted him to what’s going on.  He also spoke about the silver and gold ratio, currently at 1:77 gold to silver. It comes out of the ground at 1:7 which shows there is an issue regarding the suppression of the silver price.

He reminded us all that we shouldn’t feel alone as these assemblies shows that there are more and more people seeing through the lies.

Sheriff Pam spoke about the Constitution.  She showed her copy in which she had written the 8 referendum amendments which were passed by We The People.  She spoke of a website called Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations where you can report politicians, media personalities, or name and shame unions, employers and companies who are promoting and enforcing the unlawful mandate.

In Australia they are breaching section 94H of the Privacy Act and the Discrimination and Disability Act.  There is a letter on that site to send to Doctors to cease and desist COVID vaccines.

Sheriff Pam also spoke about ways to respond when challenged with a mandate.  There were questions asked by the attendees about voting in the upcoming elections, we discussed the census how to cross the NSW/QLD border.

Sam then asked how many chartered members were in attendance.  There we about six who responded.  As we did not have enough to vote, she explained where to find the charter on the website and if in agreement, people can sign the charter and bring their certificate to the next assembly when we can then vote and pass by-laws.          

Sam handed out copies of the current Brisbane By-Law as an example.  We will also be able to swear in Sheriffs.  Anyone who is interested in becoming a Sheriff should go to the Sheriff area on the website:

Sam spoke about the website and the amount of information on there.  She encouraged everyone to be responsibility for their own learning.

Sam advised that we need to select and vote in a Convenor, Secretary, and Treasury team as a minimum admin team.  This will be done at the next assembly.  If you are considering a position (and please do!) please click here:

It was agreed to hold fortnightly assemblies at the park. 

Next Assembly to be after Stand In The Park which runs from 10am – 11am and lunch-time sausage sizzle & socialising from 11.30am.

Next Assembly:  Centenary Lakes Park

Time:  1.30pm – 3.30pm

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