Common Law Assembly Kalgoorlie  01/06/22  1900hr.

Common Law Assembly Kalgoorlie  01/06/22  1900hr.

Present; MH,  EH,  PM,  PH,  JS,  TN,  MN,  BM, MM, SL, LR, MA, SJ, MC, EC, KP, NP,SW, TT, MD, HU, LH, AM, KZ, DV, CR, BS .

Minutes from previous meeting were read;

Topics aired and discussed;

MH; (Convener) All Assembly members can now vote on the constitution of our Common Law Assembly update to C/L on messenger.  Also I will provide  letters of complaint (Electoral fraud?) please sign it and forward them on

MC; (Treasurer) Report, $92.46 , on hand.

NP;(Educator)  Any ideas  our new bill board a new look and business cards

KZ; (Action Coordinator) Working bee, all available this Saturday morning contact me for details.  Working bee at Pistol Club coming up in near future.

BM; (Sheriff) Report, A Port Headland  group are taking the WA gov to the high court over Crimes against humanity.  Also many unfair dismissal claims have been successful and there are  many objections to the Federal electoral  process counting of preferences and a general confusion. Australians need to Wake Up!!!!!

TP; (UAP) Rep. 4 Lawyers “Integrity Against Election Fraud” raised ? $270k last week for the fight.

KP; The WHO Pandemic treaty failed to get enough countries to sign up,  although Aus. was foolish enough to sign.

AM; (Youth Coordinator) Youth group,  under 11s and 12 to 17 years we have an event at the PCYC on the 11th of June at 5pm. obstacle course – donation entry

SL; (Legal Coordinator) keep putting in your complaints if your rights have been ignored to the Human Rights Commission Australia and study up on the Magna Cater. Know your rights.

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