Common  Law Assembly Kalgoorlie 08/06/22 at 7.00pm

Common  Law Assembly Kalgoorlie 08/06/22 at 7.00pm

Present were; EH, CS, MH, AM, MW, LH, LR, KZ, KP, MD, SL, EP.

Apologies;  BM

Minutes from previous meeting were read and accepted by all.

Topics and discussion were;

NP; (educator) Bill board for the truck,  debunking climate change, that is the deception which is ruining our energy industry.  CS; also the next big thing is a digital identity, food shortages cashless society and financial collapses “you will own nothing and be happy” Security of tenure, the gov wants to own everything and tell you what you can and can`t do.

M; Senator Len Harris is working in Queensland against the government land grab and helping people to through Common Law to retain their property as they do not even issue you with a title deed these days.

KZ; (Activities Coordinator) Report on our working bee last Saturday was a total success with 30 people turning up and more than 70 hrs of work done including 2 lilac trees cut down which were quoted at $3k also external walls were painted and a general all over tidy up. The recipients were delighted.                                                             Activities for the coming week;  ” Garage sale” at Centennial Park and a sausage sizzle,  More social events to come,  Pistol club Shoot and Sizzle,  don`t forget this Saturday 11th June at 5pm Youth group event at the PCYC bring your kids and donation entry. There is a camp out under the stars at Lake Percallily on the 2nd  of July.

SL; (Legal Coordinator) The Magna Carter is a sealed document,  cannot be changed and Article 61 is our protection an oath to myself of allegiance that I am a living man and I represent my name as John: Smith meaning my name is John and I am of the clan of smith, a living man not a dead corporate entity “John Smith” the sir name is the corporate bond. The spell of the corporate bond is through the spelling to get you to contract with them. 

Next week we will do a workshop where we will   take this oath of protection Article 61 of the Magna Carter an oath to the Barons enacted 2001, why was it enacted in 2001,? because the unlawful parliament of the UK try to get rid of it, tried to remove Article 61 but could not.

These forms must be filled out correctly with your full name and address and date sworn and subscribed at the top the dates must match so fill it out sign and there must be 3 witnesses of good character then  copy it and keep the original send the copy  registered mail on the same day take photos of the document and of the envelope before posting it and photograph  the receipt, keep the original and receipt in a safe place because you won`t get another one. 

The Barons are caretakers of the Magna Carter and are the highest authority under God, 

What may happen in the future,  Coup d`e’tat (  a sudden decisive action in politics,  illegally or by force)

money crash, cashless society food shortages interest rate raise seizure of property by Marxist regime.  Answer is,  to prepare,  first is to budget, balance your books, income/expenses, be smart get rid of extra expenses things you don`t need have some savings have income protection if you have a mortgage find out if there is a grace period, will they let you miss a payment while you are out of work? can you get a concession from your council rates?.  If you have savings in the bank draw some out and buy gold or silver coins and if you are going to lose your job, then act beforehand, get things in order find other work.

CS; Pride month normalising paedophiles and perversion  destroying our society, lets boycott every business that supports it. they are disgusting and stupid,  after the battle that woman have had to get equal rights which they deserve, now they can`t even tell you what a woman is.  “Conversion therapy” a law that if you say anything against this perversion you can go to jail, this is the world we live in but as Sodom and Gomorra were turned to ashes, so their fate awaits.

Meeting closed 21.30hr            

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