Common Law Assembly Kalgoorlie 15/06/22

Common Law Assembly Kalgoorlie 15/06/22

Present were ;  EH, MH, LH, AM, TR, NR, PB, JP, CS, EC, MC, JM, LR, GH, HU, PC, KP, KZ, SL, NP, JS, MB, MD, PM

 Apologies; MN, TN, BM, EP,

Treasurer report;  $270

Topics and discussion;

MH;(Convenor) Be sure to view the Common Law channel on Telegram  educate yourself know your rights and the origin of  our Constitution the  Magna Carter 1215, keep up to date with where we are going in our fight for freedom, stand strong.

NP; (Educator) we need to design our billboard; something to wake up Australians that the increase in mortality is due to the “mRNA vaccinations” and also the deception of “climate change”,  any ideas please contact Nat. we now have new members hand books on Common Law, and business cards. The Country Club our preferred venue is in need of money for renovations we need to fundraise, perhaps a Kelly Newton music w/shop if you have any good ideas let me Nat. know.

KZ; ( Activities and Events Coordinator) This Saturday 18th June at 10am Social get together at Debernales. Saturday 25th Common Law tutorial at Pistol Club 10am (Subject to permission from Bob).  2nd July Bush barby/campout at Tracy`s secret location.

KP; “Kimbri Law”  has submitted 70 charges of violations’ and crimes  against humanity in relation to the mRNA vaccination,  against the Government and we are looking for more submissions from people that have experienced injury and loss or can testify of someone close to them, we need to get behind this and come up with hard evidence, testimonies, Stat. Declarations,  Affidavit legal documentation and whistle blowers Doctors, Nurses credible people with testimonies that can`t be denied put the word out there and contact Kelly let her know she will pass the information on to the Law firm.

AM;(Youth Coordinator) the event at the PCYC was a total success. We have procured the use of a room at the library and  I am calling for people who have particular skills, that could come along and teach the children things like knot tying , drawing, leather crafts pass on your skills, if interested please contact Andi. 

SL;(Legal Coordinator) gave a brief outline of the origin of the Magna Carter and Article 61 and the British Parliament attempt to quash it in 2001.  Oath of Allegiance; “To uphold the principles of the Magna Carter, by obeying the direction of the lords and Barons committee who invoked Article 61 of the MC on the 23rd March 2021, in accordance with the royal command to do so, as long as said Barons act strictly in accordance to Constitutional Law at all times without deviation until such times as redress of these present wrongs has been achieved.      

Whip  around; each member in attendance in turn expressed a brief comment and the meeting was closed at 2100 hours

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