Common Law Assembly Kalgoorlie 21/03/22



C—- Convener;   purposed to merge the Tribe with the Common Law Assembly group if they were of the same heart and dedication and willing to self educate and stand up and play an active and consistent roll to uphold the rights of the community in accordance to Common Law and in respect to the Constitution of 1901.

B– Sheriff;  Spoke about how to access zoom meetings on the Common Law website and that they were important for self education in Common Law and how the ATO is illegal under the Constitution 1901.

N—— Education Committee Coordinator;  mentioned that she needed more  access to the Common Law website in order to set up a training program and that we should provide an information package for new members,  a promotional video,  adds in the Kalgoorlie Miner  and set up a Common Law marquee at the rallies

C—- Convener;  Make sure you check your emails that they are not going to junk mail because only one third were being opened

S–; Judicial and Legal Coordinator;  I have ordered books in relation to Common Law. She also spoke briefly spoke about the two sets of laws running in Australia side by side and that change is coming and gradually so that the general population blindly accepts it.  She stated that although she is relatively well informed through personal experience  she is not qualified to give legal advice. She spoke about the many traps in this evil worldly legal system such as if you receive a gov. doc. stating your name in capital letters that they are trying to entrap you in an unsavoury contract.

N——;  Spoke about the unlawful arrests and imprisonment of K– and T—- for entering in to WA and the unlawful removal of children and that we are trying to find some way of helping them perhaps a high ranking Pro-Bono lawyer if anyone can help please contact us at

E—–; Treasurer ;  current status of accounts was $170 and the hat was passed around for donations.

Meeting concluded     

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