Common Law Assembly Kalgoorlie 21-04-22 at 7.00pm

E- open in prayer

Agenda; Elections, guests, Mandates/jabs, and Events.

N- Common Wealth election Flyer design has been approved with the alterations and will be printed ready for handout /delivery on Monday at 6am.

Thanks for all those who have signed up to be Caretakers to fill the 18 seats for the Kalgoorlie/Boulder electorate, check your email/ junk mail for a confirmation.

Mike Holt debrief; you should be able to vote for both the Common Law and corporate election but if you are a Caretaker you may not vote. K- this election may not go ahead. PH- The gov. is pushing the indigenous vote this election.

PM-Doreen Kelly, is the State Co. for the non corporate election, you can contact her office for more info. PM- Becoming a living man and removing yourself from the corporate system is complex SG- I tried 10 years ago to no avail but the main thing is that you educate yourself and apply the knowledge as it comes to you.

NP- Jane of York, although has had success with the council vote to lift the mandates, expects many false flags, we must remain critical.

TV-UAP- I spoke to our State director and it`s ok to get involved with the Common Law Assembly, we envisage a smaller government.

K- ownership of your own homes is in jeopardy find your title deeds and transfer to the common law register. Call to action, 10,000 flyers to be delivered ASAP A5 sheets fold once soon as they are printed

NP-Mike Holt has a 5 year plan to get rid of corruption, we must first focus on the election network with all of the Freedom groups and vote the true independents in who have moral values and will uphold our constitution 1901. The AFP is calling for volunteers in Perth if you know anyone can help the freedom movement, contact K, also keep making NOISE !

K- Saturday 23rd St Barbara`s square 10am to 12 come if you can, we need to keep our profile up keep talking to people wake them up its worth it even if you can prevent one vax injury or disease from wearing a mask. Anzac day 25 April call for volunteers to setup cook breakfast during the ceremony at 14 Forest St. park in front ignore the bollards. Talk to people make a noise we are going to win this fight.!!!! K- 14 Million march May 14th Perth, PM- anyone interested in carpooling to go? Kelly- lets push the rallies here in the Goldfields and keep the pressure on in the lead up to the elections

K- Time to push !!!

NP-Cafe Locked out, really appreciated our group, make sure you like them on face book and comment on the interviews, many people Australia wide and New Zealand have been helped and found supportespeciallyfromMai`sinterview, WendyfromCafeLocked Out has connected us with York, their local news paper is sympathetic to our cause, perhaps our news paper would print an advert on Common Law though they refuse to go against government rhetoric.

Mai- Check face Book, many people have found connection and direction and support.

K-Call for hosts, accommodation for Rod Culleton?, Graham Hood, Mark and John.

MB- We need to get business owners to push and take their share of the load stand up to the government tyranny.

NP- Tribe clip on masks causing bacterial pneumonia has been verified by medical authorities. Mask mandates have been eased due to the elections and a bench mark legal case in America proved them ineffective and a danger to health, they are now not required for travel in aeroplanes worldwide.

T- The WA border is down, since Sunday night travellers need to just scan in G2G, to satisfy the State requirements, borders are not maned after 4.30pm. Vax injuries are increasing no one is talking about it, families may be embarrassed that they have been fooled and media will not report any facts, also some people are still not making the connection between the jab and the disease. There is a lot of influenza around presently and there has been chem trails reported they usually go hand in hand.

K- I have a young tenet who needs a physical for a job but his heart is now racing since he had the booster I told him get to the hospital

N- We now have access to a legal firm (Ellissa Coe and Lyn Bayakly)who are willing to take on groups of cases where you have been stood down because of medical discrimination they will file a claim for damage and loses (,contact Nat.)

K- S has drafted a letter to the human rights commission if you would like to lodge a complaint, she will send it to you on request.

General Business;

T-Menzies, Iodine is good for detox, T asked if anyone needed minerals and he had access to supply. T- also testified how the Menzies council had a friend locked up for a day some dispute about rates not paid, but while he was jailed his caravan was broken into and plundered

PH offered help of basic necessities

MH- Can we keep CLA and Tribe as separate entities so as not to incur prejudice as some see our Tribe as “anti vaxers” we don`t want to disenfranchise our Common Law group M- also we need to get

out and speak to the people but not in an argumentative manner but to ask questions like “do you think the money system is unfair”? then listen, then spread the word.

NP- Our group is evolving. We need to get a CLA advert in the Miner and look for a permanent venue for our Assembly.

Meeting closed 9.00pm

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