Common Law Assembly Kalgoorlie 4/5/22   

Meeting opened with prayer PM- at 7.00 pm

Present: EH,  KZ,  MH,  LH,  NP,  KP,  MB,  PM,  SL,  JM,  PH,  IB,  AB,  JS,  GH,  BM,  EP,  EA,  MA,  AM

Apologies;  CS

MH-(Convenor) Shared a video from Mike Holt on running a Constitutionally correct election parallel with the unlawful corporate election,  the essence was that if the AEC refused to provide the documentation then he had the paper work ready for a high court challenge,  and how Goth Whitlam made a huge mistake when he robbed “we the people” of our rights, he left all of the seats of the real parliament empty which makes it very easy for a new lawful government to be formed.

BM- (Sheriff);  Sheriff`s Report;  We must raise awareness of the Common Law system our meetings should fill a stadium,  until we get people power behind up there is not much I or my colleagues can do, if I arrest  someone, the police will arrest me,  presently all we can do is study the roll of a Common Law officer and the application thereof.

KZ-(Activities, Events Coordinator) There are large Common Law Assemblies all over Australia Queensland have 750 members,  I would like to encourage everyone to keep handing out information leaflets and talk to people let them know that there is an alternative  “we the people” hold the real power and what the government is doing is unlawful

NP- (Educator) Up and coming events,  we have Craig Kelly from the UAP at De bernales hotel between 2.00 pm and 4.00pm on the 6th May  RSVP. Then Saturday 7th rally at Kingsbury park RSVP sausage sizzle and Lindsay from Freedom media will be there to interview us come and let the world know your thoughts and experiences in relation to the plandemic.

Common Law Assembly closed 8.30 

PM- It is important that we participate in the Federal election, we have to get the freedom fighters elected to the senate,  it may help bring  a Constitutional system back in place

SL (Legal Coordinator) The voting system is corrupt,  people  could vote 10 times,  there are a few good people in the system like Rod Culleton, that are there just to save Australia and understand that time is running out because of the damage these other corrupt politicians have done selling us out to the NWO

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