Common Law Assembly:  Kalgoorlie Boulder WA.  06/04/22



E—; (secretary) at 1900hrs  opened in prayer;  

N——; (educator)  explains how when we pray we must visualise what we ask for and see our request take place.

Agenda;  Mandates,  Employment,  and up and coming news.

C—- (convenor) explains,  the AEC still recognises the Common Wealth and the Common Law ballot system,  C—- went on to read from the Common Law Earth web site “The action plan for reclaiming and restoring government”, and with the elections coming up in May that we will be running a Common Law election while or immediately after that election and there are 700 caretaker seats to fill until we can elect delegates to the upper house and the lower house and all required positions of government are filled.  C—- continued to say that notification of our legal and rightful  claim  is to be given to the Australian military and the Queen of England and that our government has been illegitimate since 1973 when Goth Whitlam removed Elizabeth Queen of our Commonwealth and replaced her with a fake queen of Australia.

S— (Legal Coordinator) In regards to any discrimination complaint or against human rights,  be sure to register them with the Human Rights Commission in SA any issues make your complaints on line its very important to save it to your hard drive for later litigation and claims you will need a paper trail,  make sure you put “Without Prejudice” middle and top of every page, that way they cannot use it against you they cannot contract with you.

N—— (Educator) Queensland have dropped mandates but are trying to squash Common Law;  NSW have passed legislation to make protests illegal,  and many people are now holding the line they are not getting the 3rd and 4th shot. 

N——;  Flyers,  we need to blanket drop flyers to inform the people in our region of their alternative choice of a Common Law Constitutional government instead of the ternary we now suffer; 

Business Cards; Tribe and Common Law with a blank space for your contact details  were distributed        

K——; (Action Committee Co.) Wellbeing;  People are worried about police not being available with the police station all locked up, they are worried about being hassled and discriminated against,  so if anyone has these fears please contact us on “SOS” Chat and give your location and ask for assistance so one of our tribe members can act as an Advocate. Get yourself an exemption it will give you confidence. (1988 privacy act)

Easter pavement picnic April 14th St Barbara’s square hand out eggs to public. Board games,  Rifle shoot,  more social events, and downplay the rallies, perhaps once a month, 

N—— (Educator) Do not be discouraged if there is a long delay in you receiving your working with children certificates it could be months.  Next term mandates for schools, 1 million Rat tests and parents are allowed on site if double jabbed children are to wear masks.

K—— (Action C.C.) I had to go to the court house I as usual,  did not wear a mask they asked me ” Consciously Objecting”? she smiled and said “Yes” 

Prayer needs;  M—– & T—— and family, B– & M——- and family

T—- and K– also need help with finance for legal support.

Good news, Eagles player Jack Darling is allowed to play unjabbed, if it is good enough for him its good enough for everyone. 

C—- (Convener) “we need to amalgamate the Tribe with the Common Law Assembly”, 

C—- also called for any likely candidates for his role as the Convener as he is struggling with many other commitments.

Meeting Closed 2045 hrs  

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