Common Law Assembly of Emerald Victoria 19th December 2021

19th December 2021   1:00pm-3:00pm

Attendees:  Roger, Fiona, Jo and Clea-Rose

Apologies: Kathy, Kim, Alina, Robert, Shane, Michelle

Meeting location:  Zoom

Minutes of Meeting

Roger welcomes everyone,

Minutes from last meeting seconded by Clea-Rose & approved

No treasury or secretary report.

Last assembly for the year

What are we here to do? Fiona responded with empower, Roger replies yes! Educate Facilitate and activate.

Roger mentions that 2022 represents a 6, numerologically, which actually represents ‘service’, (also representing harmony, love & family.) 

Exactly what we are here to do.

Event at Emerald Lake Park

Event was great for our first one! Great turnout! Thank-you to Clea-Rose for organizing, Roger for everything he supplied, Thanks to Michelle and Paul for the great spot they picked to set up with their supplies as they were first on the scene, to everyone who bought a plate of food along and a big thank you to Michelle for our amazing banners! Really stood out and made the location easy to notice and find! 

It was a beautiful day with great company!

It was great to see & meet some members that have not attended meetings.

Coming Year

 What we want to see and achieve for the coming year. 

  • Importance of building our community.
  • How to approach businesses
  • Train sheriffs (as many as possible)
  • Hold businesses accountable
  • Put forward that we can all be trained as sheriffs, so we have individuals available to act as observers to the sheriffs.
  • More common law groups out there (not connected to us). Connect, get involved and learn from them to build our knowledge, also so we can work in with them connect and communicate.
  • Email link to click to join for new members, or hand card to scan code to join (easier process

Medical Cease & Desist

Medical cease and desist is almost there. Clea-Rose read and stated it was very well done!

More suggestions of importance were to add in penalty unit points, this places a monetary value on breech, place a line in (blank space) to handwrite name of medical organization, date, individual doctor being served and important points of breeches of the AMA Code of Ethics, corruption, funding, Government involvement, Big Pharm & that they are behaving like drug pushers & drug dealers.

It was also suggested to have instructions on how to use the document including being able to notify our assembly so we can upload to our website list of organizations that have been served with the document.

6th of January is the next medical cease & desist meeting

Charter to Assembly

Roger worked on a few changes in the Charter, changing a few words around from suggestions at our last meeting, so that we could send to others to vote on including Quincy, as she bought it to our attention. We believe it is important to get her feedback, as she would also be a great to have her on board. 

How To Build our Common Law Community

Suggestions made to build our community, including sausage sizzles, Australia day event, calling it unification day, having free snags, running events in 2 locations, put events out on social media platforms, including truther groups Clea-Rose is connected too (about 4-5), working together what to put in post so we don’t step on toes or offend, share CLA info encourage to come on board, invitations to hand out & put on local notice boards and n shops.

Suggestions for providing information on government corruption and we are sovereign to empower everyone. We will need to be careful with social media and wording for events and prepare to contend with infiltrators or those of a difference of opinion.

We also want to support businesses that do not discriminate, by eating there, do a post & tag them. Include them on our website.  Holding stall in the Berwick market, Emerald market and others in our area with sausage sizzle saying kids eat free.

Return in 2022

Working meeting to hopefully finalize the medical cease & desist will be Thursday 6th January at 7:30pm via zoom  

First meeting back will be on the 16th January at 1:00pm-3:00pm and will be convened by Clea-Rose at her home.

Wednesday 26th January our first event for the year at Old Cheese Factory in Berwick for Unification Day Celebrations (Australia Day). We chose this name as we wish to unite EVERYONE on this day bringing us all together as a collective community.

Topics for Next Meeting

Events, future suggestions, locations, speakers, sponsors

Update on medical cease and desist

Put together more ideas building our group and community for 2022

Information sessions

Barry (Common Law Courts) come and chat to educate/ help set up

Organize pocket constitution books to raise funds for our assembly other items

Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting

Sunday 16th January 1pm

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