The Sovereign People’s Assembly of Perth


July 24, 2022    
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Location of Perth Common Law Assembly
TBA, Perth, WA, 6004, SW WA

Event Type

You are invited to a meeting of the The Sovereign Peoples’ Assembly of Perth, Western Australia

We are looking for a new convener!


  • Should have read the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901
  • Able to help educate, or find people who can educate assembly members about Common Law
  • Able to Chair and manage meetings
  • Responsible for creating an agenda for each meeting
  • Sending out invitations to meetings using Mailchimp
  • Passionate about protecting your rights and the rights of others
  • Ready to lead teams to carry out projects

If you are ready to work with others to protect the rights and freedoms we should enjoy, please email a brief introduction to yourself, telling us about your reasons for wanting to become a Convener, and any other information that will be helpful managing an Assembly:

Come along to an assembly meeting to learn what we have and learn how you can use this knowledge to make better lives for us and our families, our children, our loved ones and everyone around us .

Before you attend your Assembly

Please sign your Charter as a member of a Common Law Assembly before you come to the meeting, and bring your Certificate with you to give to the Convener: Click here to record your Charter

The Assembly Constitution lays out the ground rules for membership in an assembly: Read the Assembly Constitution (Clicking on these links will open a new window, leaving this one open for you to return to)

You only need to register your membership in the assembly once. After that, you will receive an email before each meeting with the location, date, and time, and the agenda.


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