Kalgoorlie;   COMMON LAW ASSEMBLY     22/06/22

Kalgoorlie;   COMMON LAW ASSEMBLY     22/06/22

Present were; EH, SH, NP, AM, HU, PM, EC, MC, NR, TR, LH, MH, CS, MK, CR, TM.

Apologies;  KZ, C, M, L, HU, MK, TM,

MH; (convenor) open meeting,

PM; opening prayer.

EH; (secretary) read the minutes from the 15/06/22 meeting and the minutes were accepted by all present.

NP; (Educator) we are still waiting on business cards and we need to order more starter hand books we have 6 submissions of ideas for the truck bill board, a print out of the submissions were handed out and further ideas were debated.

BM; (sheriff) The Australian public is not living in reality all they care about is their body fitness and their wealth they are suffering from cultural confusion, we have such a diversity of false religious cults including climate change,  sexual perversion and immorality,  our people are being bombarded with misleading and false information from government, media and the educational system that they have lost all moral fibre and are being enslaved by communism.    Our laws, our liberty and morals come from the bible out of the book of Deuteronomy and our Constitution 1901 which is under Almighty God, it cannot be changed except by referendum “we the people”. All legislation and Acts of Parliament that have been past by these governments that do not comply to our Constitution 1901  are illegal. CS We need to wake people up that is our mission. NP; Silence is compliance, so pushing in and be proactive, say something take an active part, don`t let them get away with it.

NP-KZ (events Coordinator) Lets keep the Saturday rallies going keep our public profile let them know we are there to help. 2nd July Bush barby/campout near Windy Gulley take the Broad Arrow –  Orabanda road, coloured balloons will be out to mark the turnoff from 2pm, come along bring your food and drink.

AM; (youth Coordinator) fund raiser Raffle coming up, also is there anyone who would like to help out with the “Wellbeing” phone calls as I am going back to work and do not have time now, please let me or Karissa know.

CS;  We need to be proactive, we are an army, certain schools have a in their curricular essay writing on subject matter which reinforces their agenda of slavery, sexual perversion and lies. Everyone has to stand up and say something it`s up to all of us not just a few

discussion continued on general topics and closed at 9.00 pm.   

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