Kalgoorlie Common Law Assembly Minutes 7/3/22

Present were;

Presentation by B— on navigating the Common Law web site and a brief on the requirements and legalities which included;

Oath to be spoken for office holders

Our Constitutional Law, Referendums , Sheriff training manual,  No Trespass Signs,  Activate, Live birth records,  and the Authorisation to start a rebellion 

B– also offered to assist if any community member who was being threatened and pointed out that it took a friend of his 70 minutes from phoning the police until they arrived,  B– cautioned us to be sure to dial 000 in case of an emergency  because it was recorded and they have to acknowledge and respond.

Question;  Any response from the police after our attempt at reporting the fraudulent crime of media misinformation  and the injuries and deaths caused be the jab and the unlawful government  coercion   in the  form of mandates

Answer;  No response.

N—– gave a presentation on R——- and how around 100 tribe members and concerned citizens drove to the WA  SA  border to support R– and it worked the police were very concerned that it would turn into a national protest  so they allowed Rod and his entourage to proceed unvaxed across the border.

C—- moved a motion,  Let each member write a letter to the WA Police Commissioner to get the Kalgoorlie police station reopened because they are to scared to unlock the door and crime victims have to give their personal details in a public place over an intercom and risk harassment from potential thugs.

Question;  Any feedback from the Council meeting about who is going to accept the liability for the death and injuries from the mandated experimental injections that occur in our workplaces?

Answer;  It has been deferred for another two weeks.

K—– spoke about a clip on what to say to a police officer and how not to get yourself in a state of liability to comply and join with them in contract,  that the dead must contract with the dead the living must contract with the living and a corporation must contract with a corporation  and that the corporate man is a dead entity with no rights,  so you must ask the question;  do you acknowledge that I am a living man (woman or child) of flesh and blood?.  Never allow them to refer to you as a person or person of interest there by entering into contract with them.

The new higher fines were mentioned for not wearing masks to $1000?

Meeting was suspended due to Pizza time at 7.30pm

Meeting reconvened by C—-at 8.00pm

M— and J—- shared about world issues and future events yet to unfold

meeting ending 9.00 pm

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