Date: 18th March 2022

Venue: The Toronto Community Centenary Hub 

Attendees: Michael H. (Convener), Maureen, Leon, Brett, Ria, De, Judith, Kimarin, Michelle, Belinda, Tonia, Kerrie H.,Miranda, Terry, Manning, Pam, Beth, Michael, Katrina, Helen

Apologies: Susan H., Lorraine, Jackie


RegisterTaken by Tonia. Reminder to sign C.L. Charter & Live Birth forms (on www.commonlaw.earth). Both necessary to attend other Assembly meeting, in particular the Central Coast Assembly.
Convener (Michael H.)Opened and welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially those new to the Assembly. 
Read the 4 principles of Common Law and statement.
Update from Conveners’ Zoom Meeting (held every Monday evening):13 conveners present – gave feedback on rallies held last Sunday; brief discussion about alternative ways of governance.
Magna Carta 1215 (Article 61 (Homework from last week!)Michael read out the MC 1215 (a 61) as taken from the commonlaw.earth website. Discussion followed on how /why Article 61 was evoked in 2001 in England; the relevance/existence of the barons today.  Ref: The Theft by Deception of the Great British Constitution. (This will be uploaded to our Assembly website in due course.)
NSW Live Birth RegistrationBelinda distributed examples of Form 26 from the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Use this form to obtain your original live birth registration as opposed to your legal entity/strawman birth certificate. (This will also be uploaded to our Assembly website if you cannot access it from the NSW Registry.)
Developing a suburb by suburb database of connections with those in the Assembly and Friday night Hub communityMichelle detailed her idea of compiling a community contact suburb by suburb database so that each person would know and have contact details of those living close to them in the event of any emergency or situation. She was especially concerned about those who are living on their own. This idea was agreed to by the Assembly. Those who wished to participate in this completed their details on a form that was passed around at the meeting. Michelle will collate and distribute accordingly.
Sheriff Training with the CC AssemblyTonia will discuss this in greater detail at the next meeting but currently it is set to commence on Sunday April 3rd

Meting closed: 6.15pm

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