Minutes Blue Knob Assembly 22 May 2022

Blue Knob Meeting Minutes  May 17th 2022  

Meeting 1pm Wadeville Woolies

Welcome and Opening – Thanks MF

Common Law Session

  1. Convenor meeting update – not much to report this week 
  1. The upcoming Elections – We spent time discussing best options for voting and how. It was agreed it is best to know the names of who you are voting for and to ideally vote below the lines. The freedom parties are in rows A and H and are not labelled.
  2. Election Support – a call out was asked to see if anyone is willing to put their hands up and be outside the polling booths on election days and if anyone is willing to be a scrutineer. The timing for this is 6pm to 10pm on Saturday night at a polling booth of choice. If you are interested let me know.

Thank you for including us in your network .

If any of your members are willing, the freedom parties would be grateful for the following assistance on polling day. 

* booth set up by 7am, but the earlier the better

* handing out how to vote material, for which ever candidates you are happy to, for as long or short a time you are happy to.  The ideal is to have 4 people cover a booth for most of the day, but if only one person is there for 2 hours, that is great too. 

* scrutineering the count in the booth after it closes at 6pm,  we can send forms and info on what this involves in a separate email. There is trading on Thursday night but a recording will be available

* taking down corflutes from booth after 6pm on polling day or the following day, to hold for collection. 

The locations we need help in are:

  • Nimbin
  • The Channon
  • Modanville
  • Dunoon
  • Eltham 
  • Cawongla
  • Jiggi
  • Goolmangar
  • Kyogle
  • Wiangaree
  • Bentley
  • Bexhill

If you are keen there is a training session on Zoom TONIGHT 7.30pm I can email the link – text me

Community Session

  • Info day feedback – not a lot to report, discussion had.
  • Signage- we decided on 3 signs 1. What does Freedom mean to you?  2. Please give us your questions 3. Do you know your strawman?  
  • Counsel Minutes – All on hold till later  
  • Post-Election where do we go from here. We had lots of ideas and Mitch has offered to do a truth seeking workshop next week to give us some direction
  • A number of people are keen to attend a Gold Coast meeting. We did consider seeing it Mike would come and do a talk one time.
  • 4 more members took the Oath. We now have enough people to have a Sheriff, Yay.

We will be meeting next week at 11am at Hanging Rock Hall

Please bring share lunch and your donations.

This is how the day will be envisioned

Thanks for supporting me in my wish to talk about this subject. I’ll keep this email about what i envision for the day short and sweet. First off start the day with  presentation of the trivium method.

The 3-fold nature of human consciousness. thoughts emotions actions. Grammer, logic, rhetoric, the sacred masculine, divine feminine and the child. God, Jesus, Man. the holy trinity. these are a few ways to describe it.

I came across this principle from mark passios work which you can find on whatonearthishappening.com he was a part of the satanic cult that controls the world. if you start going through his content you can judge for yourself how much true knowledge he is sharing  and how valuable it is. Another good website to is http://www.triviumeducation.com. look for any of the podcasts with gene odening in them he is very enlightening as well. 

 So I can share that information in a presentation and then we could have a sharing circle type space. talk about whats alive for us, what ideas new information we would like to bring to the group, what actions we want to take etc etc.

I have been looking into this and it give me a Buzz.Awwwwesome

Meeting Closed

Below is an email from Mike Holt and some educational videos FYI

** Educational Videos posted online


We have posted some educational videos on Bitchute, The Bloody Aussie Battler channel.

This video discusses Common Law courts:


This one is a chat with 3 Norfolk Islanders, myself, and Chris Hall from PeakDawn.com who is helping us prepare educational videos, courses, and more. Did you know that Australia invaded Norfolk Island? Who cares, you might ask? But this invasion is just one more example of the Australian political party corporate government running amok without the authority of We, the People of Australia.

https://earth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e8e14cc88e7aa103fb494a997&id=c67bd469ea&e=f7845f4164 (https://earth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e8e14cc88e7aa103fb494a997&id=6bc1ecea00&e=f7845f4164)

I have also added a new Personal Property Record (PPR) to the website so that you can record any Personal Property you wish. Do you love your pet but hate paying the Council to register it? Record your pet’s details on our PPR and then show the Council the door.

The PPR is a great place to record the details of any personal property you value and want to have a record of in case you need to prove ownership:


Can you Help Please?

The National team which manages the website, provides all the educational articles, videos and other materials, and so much more. We need to cover our operating expenses. We do not charge anything for accessing all this information, so we rely on Donations and the occasional Merchandise sale..

Could you ask your assembly members to click on the big DONATE button here or on the Home page of our website, please? https://earth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e8e14cc88e7aa103fb494a997&id=bbeefba76b&e=f7845f4164 Ask them to donate just the cost of a cup of Coffee once a month if they can, so that we have a regular income we can draw on to expand our support for all Assemblies.


If you prefer to Donate by Bank Transfer, please deposit the money to ANZ Common Law bank account: BSB: 014512 ; Acct No: 325393199


Are your Assembly members ready to train up as Sheriffs? Get them started here:


This series of 13 Videos is an introductory course to Sheriff Training.

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