Minutes Blue Knob Meeting May 24th  2022  

Meeting 11am Hanging Rock Hall

Welcome and Opening

The Trivium Method

Mitchel gave a workshop about the Trivium.

This is a method and uses a triad process to find the truth and to give greater depth and meaning to all life decisions. It gives us a way to step forward in the right direction.

A brief synopsis is as follows (LP Style)

“This is a 3 fold path to truth. We start with our thoughts which give rise to emotions and it is from here we take action.

It can be likened to a computer. We bring information in as input. This is the thought process. INPUT – who, when, how, when, where. Gather data from an eclectic range of sources.  This gives us KNOWLEDGE

We then PROCESS like a CPU unit in a computer. – correlating the information, find relevance, how does it connect, what else is needed, filtering BS. Here we assess the information and we reach UNDERSTANDNG

Finally there is OUTPUT in our computers.Here speech and action is takenbased upon the knowledge and understanding from the information. This gives us WISDOM.

Mitch spoke of the triad relating to the

Masculine                     Feminine                      Child

Knowledge                   Understanding             Wisdom

Grammar                      Logic                             Rhetoric

He emphasized that we are in critical times and this requires critical action. If you  would like to know more we can chat, some links were shared in the signal group.

Lunch Break

After an awesome lunch and us becoming in our bodies we started to brain storm.

Community Session – Where to from Here

It seems we have 3 target areas and it would be great to form task groups to focus on these three things.

  1. Go Local – Some awesome ideas, silent marches, T-shirts days, pamphlets, sandwich boards, signs up in town, getting understanding of local council, local EWF reps and getting to know them.
  2. Workshop It – Entertain and Educate – Workshops are coming. We plan to have workshops, music, theatre, any forms of entertainment that will educate and empower. This way we can present ourselves to the community and build our numbers as we share our skills and passions.

I have started a date list and we can vote the time for workshops or leave it fluid. An idea is one week meeting and one week workshop. Workshops will be held at the Hanging rock Hall. I have started and attached the workshop dates until the end of the year. If anyone can fill some early spots we can start advertising. See Attached word doc. Please let me know ASAP and we can start in June.

  • Food Action  – Taking time to know what food we have for the community.

Other suggestions were a Men’s group, of which 4 members were keen.

Meeting back as usual. We will commence

Rock on superstars

Next Meeting Tuesday 1pm Wadeville Woolies 31st May

Same time Same Place

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