Sunshine Coast Minutes of Assembly meeting Sunday 17th January 2021


Minutes of meeting Sunday 17th January 2021

Meeting was well attended with quite a few new attendees.  Format was informal, run by Daniel, with open discussions.  The following topics were all mentioned and it was suggested that we query everything and thus could all do further research on any of the topics.

  • How much do we know of our country’s history?  Many at the meeting were unaware that our original name was New Holland.
  • For interest, browse the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website to see how countries are registered as corporations.

More information on the topic here:

  • Australia has actually been under Marshal Law since 1908 when jurisdiction was taken from the Queen.
  • If you are fifth generation in Australia you are considered to be indigenous.
  • Marriage certificates are all about fund raising and the actual certificate is a bond with no meaning.
  • If police stop you for not wearing a mask the very first thing to do is to get the officer’s details and qualify exactly who they are. An on-duty officer must wear a hat which has the correct emblems if he/she is carrying a gun. They must wear a hi-vis vest at all traffic stops. If they are not wearing the correct uniform you can order them to return to their station. Nor can they issue you with a ticket until they are properly attired. Always ask them for their insurance indemnity number.
  • The Pine tree on Norfolk Island flag is also used on the Pine Gap flag.  Significance?
  • There is no landmass associated with the Commonwealth of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia is We The People,  living beings of the Commonwealth having jurisdiction where they reside/live. 
  • History and connections of the Medici family and the vatican.
  • Fifth generation living in Australia qualifies as indigenous.
  • Discussion was held about family reactions to our own awakening.  Try to let go of the need to get them to accept our truth for the sake of underlying loving relationships.
  • The updated ByLaw pack was handed out.
  • Ideas for a barbeque celebration for Australia Day were called for.  One member has offered his own lovely property, so final decision TBA.
  • Next meeting on 31st January will have a similar forum with  3 of the Assembly members also speaking on certain topics.  The Assembly is now becoming more self sufficient and evolving.

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