Minutes of meeting Sunday 18th July 2021

held at the Community Hall, 87 Willis Road, Bli Bli

Meeting declared open at 2.06 pm.

Discussion took place about chartered members and voting.  A member cannot vote without first having signed the charter, which is an indication of good intent and commitment to the Assembly and what it stands for.  The Charter and its Constitution are what guides our assemblies.  It is written in the Assembly constitution.

Mike Holt was voted in as Convener for another 12 months.

A discussion was held about the validity of a Common Law U.K. Membership card being sufficient so as not to warrant signing the charter.  U.K. And Australian laws, as are discussed in Assemblies, are different and a card from the unverified U.K. Site holds no weight here.  The Charter must still be signed in order to vote in any of our Australian assemblies.

Mike mentioned the Covid By-Law.  We should be going out and taking this Business Pack around to local businesses.   Hopefully at the next assembly we can do some role plays that will assist with this and build confidence.  He also talked about the fact that we really are in battle right now.  Embrace it and do whatever you can because a battle can only make you stronger.  You have to do things yourself, rather than relying on a leader or group to do it for you.   The QR Code is supposedly run by a private corporation.

—————————-TALK GIVEN BY PETER——————————–

Peter cannot give his full name because he is ex military here and Canada, former police, Federal and State.  He also works closely with Ricardo Bosi.    Peter reminded us that every one of us is responsible for his/her self.    Stop thinking that someone is going to save you.  You need to take action YOURSELF.    Recognise that the power is within every one of you. Stop looking at the person sitting next to you as a saviour.

Peter then suggested that we pool money to hire a (known) ‘on our side’ lawyer in Brisbane. Put in $100 each with 20 people and you can hire a private investigator to get dirt on politicians. There is plenty of that.  Use a Federal investigator, not state. We were told how Peter personally has successfully fought through the courts and that includes Canada where police actions are way worse than they are here.    He also said that everything Serena Teffaha said in her initial speech launching the class action, was absolutely 100% true.

You do NOT have to give a police officer your licence.  You can use your passport or any other document to show your address.   They expect us to just ‘go away’ but those committed to bringing about change will not do that but you need to study and know exactly what should and should not be said.

If you are going to speak about something (related to this of course) speak as if you are presenting to a High Court Justice, or don’t say anything. We face too much misinformation.

During his work for the Special Forces, Peter was in charge of protecting Frank Lowy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Lowy) and it did not take him long to realise he was on the wrong team.  It took him 3 years to get OUT of the Special Forces.

Suggest you look up Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad :

or Craig Sawyer:   https://www.vets4childrescue.org/about-the-founder.html

Peter was Navy Seal for one of the operations in Canada.

You might find it interesting to read about Larry Silverstein also:


Note!!  Queensland Police is a private entity, no longer under government control.

The DUMBS are now being flooded.  They are NOT being detonated.  Flooding is happening right now in Germany.

Suggest Alan Jones if you need to contact the media to cover a story.

DeSantis could be the next president of the United States

Recommended reading:  ‘The Art of War’ .  It can be downloaded as a PDF: https://www.utoledo.edu/rotc/pdfs/the_art_of_war.pdf

Check out who the Kazarian people are and what they do.

————————————-end talk by Peter ————————————–

Mike spoke about MyWill Australia.  This is a website which sends a form letter to Scott Morrison asking him to resign.   He also spoke about his own court case and Section 80 of our Constitution talking about how a case must be heard in the state where the purported crime was committed.

If anyone is having trouble with a business demanding unlawful actions, that is the time for us to get together and go into the business as a well informed group.  If someone is not letting you in, FILM IT!

The Common Law website (https://www.commonlaw.earth) will give you all the tools you need to be active, e.g. the QR stickers.  On main menu click ‘Activate’.

DAMIAN HANNING was then sworn in as a Sheriff.  Mike then spoke about how vital the role of Common Law Sheriff is.

An assembly member suggested that we organise a Rapid Response Team.

The Live Birth Certificate available from our website is definitely valid.  Centrelink has accepted it.

Meeting closed at 4.05 p.m.

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