Minutes of SC Assembly Sunday 21st March 2021

Minutes of meeting Sunday 21st March 2021

…held at the Community Hall, 87 Willis Road, Bli Bli
Meeting declared open by Make Holt, Chairman, at 2 pm.


Mike gave an overview of  general progress.  Canada is making progress and the UK is working to get their website going, splitting away from John Smith.   Israel is now accurately translating the website (commonlaw.earth) into Hebrew.  Poland’s participation now in early stages, too.   The Hervy Bay rally had 5-600 participants.   Mike said he spoke about the destruction the parliamentarians have caused, right after a candidate for the senate spoke, which was not fortunate for her.

 Dual citizenship for parliamentarians:  Bob Hawke was a dual citizen.  The fuss made recently is unwarranted, as according to the Constitution any member of the Commonwealth can stand for parliament.


Mike Holt gave an update on his court case..  He has been to the magistrates court twice, with a different magistrate each time. Each magistrate has refused to be involved once Mike’s brings up the affidavit and the 1901 Constitution.

His next appearance will be on April 9 in the county court.  So next time Mike will be facing a judge. In the meantime he is now indicting the first and second magistrate plus the prosecutor plus the supreme court judge who started things, so Mike will be entering four new affidavits into the system.  Mike has also submitted a subpoena to the court and has asked for evidence of some allegations.

Mike moved that the report be accepted, agreed unanimously by assembly members.


Assembly was advised that all meeting minutes appear on the website within 48 hours after meeting:   www.commonlaw.earth…..’go to a meeting’    …’Sunshine Coast’…….scroll down to bottom of page.

Vicki Sutherland made motion to accept the last minutes, accepted unanimously by assembly members.


Given by Vicki Sutherland.   Current bank balance from donations by meeting attendees is net of all hall costs and currently stands at $275.90.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report by Vicki, seconded by Shane Beard and accepted unanimously by assembly members.

PRESENTATION BY SHANE BEARD (Court Registrar) “Preparing for Court”

Valuable and in depth information imparted by Shane, based upon the premise that contract law is everything.  A contract creates a jurisdiction.  When you sign a contract you are judged by the words in that contract.  The actual words in the contract and all relevant paperwork is actually the court.  The court is not the room, or the surroundings.

Shane went through the 8 Elements of Contracting.  Anyone serious about studying Common Law needs to understand these elements thoroughly.   Shane informed the assembly that, because it is so important, that videos on the subject are planned.  Assembly will be advised. 

Valuable link on the subject is on our own website:   https://commonlaw.earth/court/preparing-for-a-common-law-court/

Also discussed was the importance of sending any mail correctly and understanding the steps on the registering and witnessing said mail and how to sign correctly.   Your actual name is only the first and middle name.  If under duress, place 3 dots before the name. 

Never give your email address or phone number regarding a case.  Never contract (respond) on the phone.  It MUST be done by registered mail, using the special procedures discussed.  Ask for a return card and write Deliver by Hand.

Files containing of all relevant documents handed out as examples can be obtained by contacting Shane.    shane.beard@me.com


1.  ‘how can we change being under the crown?’.   Mike explained how it can only be done under referendum.  A referendum can only be initiated by the Parliament at the moment, but the people could change this by voting in a referendum to bring in Citizens Initiated Referendums once we elect our own People’s Parliament. Once a referendum is passed to split from the British Crown, it must also go to the British Parliament for a referendum vote to approve us to secede from the United Kingdom.

2.  Recording conversations as evidence.  Recording can be transcribed, stamped by a notary as a true transcription of the recording and you can use both the recording and the notarised  transcript as evidence.

The meeting was concluded by Chairman Mike Holt at 3.39pm.  Next meeting for this assembly is  Sunday April 4 at 2pm.

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