Minutes of meeting Sunday 29th August, 2021

held at the Fusion Hall, 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

  • Mike opened the meeting at 1.30pm with a reminder of why we are here, the reason being to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK.
  • A reminder that you can find print ready flyers of all types and a new Cease and Desist letter as well.  https://commonlaw.earth/print-ready-flyers/ & https://commonlaw.earth/covid-downloads/
  • Mike has been talking to the Vets Assoc of Qld, who have sent out a message to all veteran members asking them to march with us when we attend the next big rally on September 18.  He has also spoken to Ricardo Bosi, who says he supports us and will also march with us if he gets out of NSW by that time.
  • Brief discussion on the Constitution and how it may need changing to modernise, as it has only been changed 8 times since inception.   To do that is a huge task, but it will happen.  Our Constitution is one of the best in the entire world, especially Section 128 “Only we the people have the authority to amend our Constitution by voting in referendums.”
  • Our plan for the future is on www.advance-australia.com.au. Mike would like all members to read this.  There is also a lot of information on https://cirnow.com.au/ and it is suggested that everyone watch the 1 hour video “criminals in government”.
  • MyWill Australia is now offline.
  • For the Rally in Brisbane on 18th September we will take the gazebo and barbeque and need volunteers to assist.  An offer was made to hire a bus but there were no names put down for that.    Please wear the red T shirts available from our website www.commonlaw.earth/Merchandise.
  • We already have elected a court Adjudicator.  We still need a Bailiff, a court Reporter, and a court Registrar!
  • Quick discussion about guns and how we do battle against armed police.  We all agreed that the worse things get, the more people come into common law.  That is our protection.
  • Council of Australian Government (COAG) took ownership and control of our land. There are videos on this to be found quite easily.
  • We must soon start our own court, but right now we have not got enough volunteers to proceed.  Hopefully this will be rectified soon.
  • There were many questions about stores refusing entry with no mask and the use of the Conditional Acceptance form was discussed  More copies of letters etc. will be available at next meeting.
  • The Assembly went outside and practised protective movements to drum commands.  We will be ready for any problems with police because of this.  However, Queensland police have not posed any threat to the safety and security of people at rallies. The practice session is only to teach people how to work together at rallies in future if the government orders the police to attack protesters. The use of cloth strips to create an unbreakable barrier is essential.  These are available at the desk at meetings for $3.
  • The meeting finished early at 3.05pm 

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