Minutes of SC Assembly meeting 21st February 2021

…held at the Bli Bli Community Hall

Preamble by Mike Holt about the new website now completed www.commonlaw.earth. This means it will have an impact internationally (currently U.K. And Canada are in). The assembly congratulated Mike (and team) on a tremendous job that is of great value for both education and guidance. The site also has a translator.

  • Mike requests that all new people make sure they have signed the charter before attending (https://commonlaw.earth/assemblies/sign-assembly-charter-aus/) if they wish to be able to vote. The point of the Charter is to create jurisdiction and your signature means you are part of the Sunshine Coast Assembly. After you have completed the online form you will be sent a PDF printable version so that you can print it out and perhaps laminate for ease of handling.
  • Mike spoke about what he saw on the way to Glasshouse Mountains. A two police officers had pulled up an individual but the police were not wearing a hat, nor a hi-vis vest, as required by the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (they are bound by their contract with the corporate government to obey this legislation). Monitoring this will be a good way of opening up a few cracks and it is proposed that several members go on a patrol as a posse next weekend to seek such instances and to remind officers of their obligations. Names of volunteers were taken.
  • Member reported on how she received an apology from police for their misconduct.
  • Another member requested advice on possible action after her church dismissed her because of her stand against the covid regulations that were enforced against her will. This brought up an important point regarding businesses requesting that you use your phone to sign in on entry. Print out and have it with you always the Covid Privacy Act form (https://commonlaw.earth/download-docs/)
  • Brett spoke about a recent flight where he asked if he would be ordered to wear a mask. Just by asking the question he got immediate action saying exempt on his boarding pass. No further questions. Point to note as part of discussion is that asking you to wear mask, or use hand sanitizer is against the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. See more on CIR Now regarding masks and vaccinations (https://cirnow.com.au/1946-referendum-denied-government-power-to-medically-test/)
  • As the Assembly is starting to progress rapidly, a member has offered the use of his 20 acre property in Mapleton with appropriate facilities. Appreciation was expressed.
  • Mike reminded assembly that businesses can now be registered under Common Law via website. No ABN needed. If you need to register a website (.org.au requires an ABN) you could try Red Pill Hosting. However, there are now many options apart from .com .
  • Member reported his experience of not agreeing to quarantine. He self-isolated at home voluntarily but had interactions with police. He was successful. Section 245 of Criminal Act was mentioned.
  • Shane pointed out that we need to remember not to treat police as enemies. Do not attack. A safe reply to demands is: “I am happy to comply but I need you to show me that you have the jurisdiction over me “.
  • Mike spoke about voting for politicians, referring to Sections 7 and 24 of the Constitution. The referendum after the Queen’s signature, to put in place the Australian Constitution, NEVER happened so the Constitution itself is not even lawful. Instead, the State Premiers signed it on behalf of their states. A referendum of the people was required to ratify the Constitution into law.
  • Mike talked about updating the current Constitution. He explained that we do not actually need a constitution to operate as a country. However, to make great changes we need to start with what we have, and we need a plan. See the 6 point plan for Australia (https://advance-australia.com.au/). Mike also talked about how Regional Common Law and a National Congress would work so that we the people govern ourselves. We can change taxation, introduce Service to Nation and ensure that all Arms and equipment for the civil service and ADF are manufactured in Australia. He also explained that all members of the Commonwealth of Australia should have access to a blockchain-based app to vote on issues any time whenever required. He pointed out that this would put the power into the hands of the people to decide how our government should serve us, and there would be no need for “big bang” elections any more.
  • Brett and Shane then presented Court Setup and a short court trial was conducted. This resulted in a number questions about procedure that need to be answered. It was agreed that another practice trial be conducted to iron out any other questions before proceeding to real trails.

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