Minutes of SC Assembly Meeting Sunday 7th March 2021

Assembly Minutes

…held at the Bli Bli Community Hall

*        Assembly spoke in general about member numbers and how we might increase them.  Some thought should be given to setting up at markets etc. depending on cost. It was suggested that once we have finished one or two court cases that things might improve and word will spread faster.

*        General discussion about holding our sovereignty.  How to contract (or NOT contract) with a store, or the police.  Suggested reading/viewing “Marcus the Servant King”.

*        General discussion about Contract Law and the 3-letter process.  The offending party and agreement by Silence if the final letter is still not answered.   Remember YOU create a contract by answering any questions, so YOU should be the one to ask the questions, but you need education and practice well before you can be ready to undertake that process.   Learn when to apply the “I am happy to do whatever you want me to do if you can show me that you have the authority and jurisdiction to do so”, when dealing with police.   It was suggested that we do some role playing at our meetings.

*        General discussion led by Shane Beard on Council rates notices addressed to The Property Owner, when you are the HOLDER, not the owner.  Mortgages are the same as paying rent to a U.S. Corporation, where in fact there is no debt, no lender, no disclosure.  Fraud.  Shane informed meeting that he has actually discovered a Supreme Court book outlining this fraud.  A member has the written process of dealing with the rates and Owner vs Holder including affidavit wording and will provide for us asap.

*        A suggestion was made that we could actually cause chaos in the banking system by using coin to pay for everything.  That would mean withdrawing large quantities of coin to begin with.   Use only coin to pay for things like fuel, groceries (not to create a time problem with busy places though).   If enough people did it, the banks would have to cope with additional transport for all the coin needed to replace what had been circulated.

*        Member suggested we ‘storm’ parliament.  The only way this can occur is through growth of Common Law Assemblies and members.  It is not time for that yet.

*        Shane spoke at length about how we can protect ourselves and our assets by setting up a 3-person-trustee Trust.  Your car etc. can then be registered under the trust, but it can of course be complex when there are several trusts entwined but that is how we can take control of the fraudulent systems we live with.  Assembly has requested a training day with Shane on how this can be set up, but self study will also be needed.

*        Assembly was informed that you can Uncontract with a government department using the 3 letter process, including 3 witnesses to the letter, plus an affidavit to give them back your licence and car registration.

*        Shane explained briefly the ‘ploy’ of offering a Bill of Exchange as payment for something.   He also told us about the WeRe bank in U.K. Created by “Peter of England”.  Well worth reading and hopefully we can discuss further with Shane’s leadership.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WeRe_Bank

It costs 70 pounds to create an Economic Impact Voucher for a mortgage, send it to the WeRe bank and the mortgage can be paid out (not as simple as this statement).

*        short discussion on the words “All Rights Reserved” under your signature on driving licence or passport.  These words help you retain all rights as a sovereign man or woman.  It is not an easy process (yet).

*        Assembly feels NESARA is getting close which will take us back to our original Constitution and the way the world should be operating.  Myanmar, now taken over by U.S. Military, could be a trial run for the rest of the world.

*        Shane Beard offered his email address for anyone who would like a Telegram link for pages of media reports that are non mainstream.  Just email ‘telegram link please’:   shane.beard@me.com

Meeting concluded at 3.40 pm.

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