Minutes of Sunshine Coast Assembly meeting November 15

Minutes of meeting Sunday 15th Nov. 2020

Meeting began with Mike responding to a question about birth certificates and reminding us that we can consider our live birth registration with CL Australia almost like a ‘rebirth’.  As long as the information given for the certificate is not false, small details that cannot be remembered or retrieved should not prevent anyone from proceeding.  To record your live birth details and receive your certificate click here: Record Live Birth

  • Two additional Bailiffs were elected today and we now have 12 Sheriffs.
  • Brett (Court Adjudicator), Shane ( Registrar) and Victoria (Court Reporter) have had an initial meeting to begin work on integrating procedures with timeframes.  A flow chart on tasks and timing has been prepared.  At this stage it looks like the timeframe from lodgement of claim to court date will be approximately 10 weeks.   At the next meeting it is hoped to be able to hold a Mock Court.    We should all be familiar with court procedures: https://commonlaw.earth/legal-procedures-and-court-protocol/
  • Regarding the Covid Restrictions and our By-Law, a document was handed out, ready for presentation to shopkeepers.  Any assembly member can deliver these; it doesn’t have to be done by Sheriffs.  There needs to be a phone number that the business owners can call if they need someone else to speak with, to clarify any concerns.  An idea was put forward that we use a dedicated phone for this purpose and that Sheriffs take turns say 2 weeks at a time to have this phone and respond to   any such calls.

Relative to this is the announcement that a special phone app is being developed that will have the ability to auto contact all Sheriffs should help be needed urgently.

  • Dick Yardley was with the assembly again and he spoke about the Australia Act (Requests) Act 1999.


This will be uploaded to the CL website.  It’s very important to read this, and most of attendees had not.  Dick suggests putting this up on a big screen at an assembly meeting, because the visuals will help in explanation and make it easier for us to remember the succinct points.  Words are easily forgotten.   A very generous offer was made from an assembly member to lend a big screen and projector, operated from a computer, so that we can do this.

Dick and Mike will prepare easy to read information about important Acts and send this out via emails.  This way everyone can be familiar with information that will be discussed at the next meeting.  It was agreed that this will also be a helpful tool for inviting new people to the meetings.  Going forward, our meetings will focus on knowledge and additional learning.  ‘Knowledge is Power’.

  • Critical alert on donations that are needed.  We now have a standing $400 per month base cost just for our technology (web development and maintenance, Mail Chimp etc).   We need ideas for fund raising.  Can we all get creative about ideas for general fundraising or merchandise to assist?  Please send ideas via email to Mike (advanceaustraliahq@gmail.com)
  • We have two members who have volunteered to start an Events Team.
  • General discussion about the importance of backing up data, particularly if its sensitive, it is wise to keep all your material on a separate external disk and hide it.
  • Mike mentioned the report “Criminals in Government” (how the Qld government destroyed our democracy) which is an important read for all interested in common law.  This is posted on the CIR Now website here: https://cirnow.com.au/criminals-in-government/

Mike Holt runs the CIR Now (Citizens Initiated Referendums) site, which is aimed at spreading information.   If anyone has come across data or new information that would benefit all of us, don’t hesitate to send it on to Mike for incorporation on this site which has over 100,000 hits every month.

  • The organiser of Facebook page ‘Australian Patriots’ has been talking to Mike and is using his database to set up more assemblies.   It won’t be long before we can have an Australia wide Common Law Congress.

Don’t forget to book your place at the barbeque on 6th December.  To book for the barbeque:  https://commonlaw.earth/book-christmas-bbq/

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