Minutes Perth 10 April

Meeting 10 April 2021:
Attendees:   27 members (Incl Perth Patriot Members)
Apologies:   Garth Stockden  

Meeting Business

Convener: Sandie Hollins, opened the meeting at 1.10.pm
Committee Position:

Our Member, appointed to the position of “CLCP Sherriff” who had to withdraw from the committee position, due to a work Accident, and advised the group the position was still to be filled.

Treasury:   We currently have $313.15 in the acct, with the previous two meeting’s  taking the value to $586.50


Sandie introduced a Guest speaker;- William – to address the members present, on the following Topics:-

          Introduction to a De Jure Govt.

Taking Possession of Property, Persons and Possessions, within the districts of the Dependencies of Her Majesty’s government of Western Australia. 

Roman Catholic Bishop, has no Jurisdiction in the Realm of England.

Police legal Processes.  

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Legal Personality, & Structure.

             Commonwealth of Australia Constitution – S51

                    – Parliament.


Commonwealth of Australia.

Australia Corp.

1971 – 1985 Conventions. –      Uncitral.


                                                   Constitution Act 1889

The State name “New Holland” still stands, as it has never been repealed, & the Perth Metro area, is the only area legitimately under Admiralty law (Roman Catholic) through a De-facto Govt (a Priority Charter)

WA Jurisdiction;- Judicial System – operates Under two (2) Courts:- Sect 6

                    “Supreme Court of Western Australia”   &


          Magna Carta Chap’s 39 & 40 – re Security of Charter of Virginia

Constitution of Western Australia – 9 July 1900

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* Austeo Secret – Australian Government Information Security Manual

https://www.cyber.gov.au/sites/default/files/2019-04/08. ISM – Guidelines for Personnel Security (APR19).pdf

communicate AUSTEO information unless effective controls and procedures are in place to ensure such information is not accessible to them. Security Control: 0411; Revision: 4; Updated: Sep-18; Applicability: S, TS; Priority: Must be Foreign nationals and/or


Requirement 1 information sharing limitations are that information bearing the AUSTEO caveat cannot be shared with a person who is not an Australian citizen, even when an international agreement or arrangement is in place. As such,

Influence of the United nations thru UNCITRAL & UNIDRIOT agreements/treaties.

International Arbitration Regulations Act 1974

ACICA – Aust centre for International Commercial Arbitration.

Collateral attachments Create’s;-   Strawman Concept.

Birth’s & Certification.

Non-citizen – non Alien ,- Born unto the Land (Soil)

Just Sole – Born unto the soil

Just Sangrenous – Blood   –   Sect.16

The Importance of a Mothers Maiden Name. – Birth Information Paper – Form (Document) RG201

Adoption of Children.- 1856

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Death – What is death. –

          Natural Death:- ie: the extinction of life.

          Civil Death:- which is that  change in an Individual’s Legal & Civil Energy.


Loans Securities Act 1919 – Conditions of sale.

Age of Majority Act:- People of 18 yrs of age or more, should have knowledge that the “Legal Knowledge ACT” exists & to be Legally Responsible.

Guardian Administration Act WA 1919 – Schedule 2

UN Central Adoption –

                              Central Authority of Australia. – State &  Territory obligations.

* Emergency Powers Veto (stopping) – for the extension of any continued Emergency Powers.


Sandie Thanked the Guest Speaker:- “William” , (amid groups Applause) for his address & invited him to give a further address at our next meeting.          Again to the groups Applause.

There being no further business, Sandie called for a Fortnightly meeting of the group at the Court House commencing 24 March 2021 at 1.oopm. & closed the meeting at 5.40 pm.

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