Minutes SC Assembly Sunday 4th April 2021


Minutes of meeting Sunday 4th April 2021,
held at the Community Hall, 87 Willis Road, Bli Bli

Meeting declared open by Make Holt, Convener, at 2 pm.


Mike gave an update on his court case.  He will be attending a County Court hearing on Friday 9th April.  He reminded the assembly that the whole thing started back in 2016 regarding the Phil Galeacase, who was placed in solitary confinement for 3 years before his trial for inciting terrorism and, having been found guilty, is now serving a 12 year sentence.  Mike’s affidavits will now go to a Registrar and not a judge (they don’t know how to handle him).

  The assembly follows keenly and with admiration, that was expressed.



Mike recounted an incident in a cafe where he was told he could not enter without a mask.  He utilised the Conditional Acceptance form and was reluctantly allowed in.  Upon leaving he was asked not to return.  The Hervey Bay assembly will assist with this by visiting the same cafe to reinforce the true power of this form.    Mike urged all members to carry a copy of this form at all times and to not hesitate to present it when necessary.  Download the form here:   https://commonlaw.earth/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Covid-Business-Notice-of-Acceptance-of-Liability.pdf


Currently there is Covid Mask Refusal info sheet on the website, but additionally a Face Mask Exemption form will be put up on the website also.   Go to Activate/Downloads to find, print out, and carry at all times. 

DISABILITY AND PRIVACY ACT.  Carry this always for further protection, e.g. if a business owner states that what he requests from you “is his rules”.  http://www5.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/pa1988108/s94h.html

The complete Act can be downloaded here: Mask Exemption Download

Assembly member spoke about a letter she has sent to every State parliamentary member requesting proof of covid before she can comply with restrictions.  She has received a mumbo jumbo reply back and has since thanked the person involved for their acquiescence.  Letter template can be found on the CIR Now website.    Same person went to deliver letter to Queensland premier but she would not appear to accept.  They then went to the police who attended the premises which resulted in the Premier’s assistant appearing and accepting.  That is what numbers can achieve.

 A reminder to always send letters via registered mail so the recipient must sign for it.  Do not hand deliver unless you get a receipt upon delivery. 

Mike spoke of a man (Peter) in S.A. Is acting to take down the government, going about it totally the wrong way.  He is in for trouble as he is going against the constitution and could be jailed for treason. Watch this space.


Mike has now officially been Convener of the assembly for one year and offered the role to any assembly member who would like the role.  There was nobody who offered so it was passed unanimously that Mike continue in the role.


So that everyone, especially those absent, can keep up to date with what is discussed at each meeting, the Minutes are put up on the website the day after the Sunday meetings.  They can be found by going to Assemblies/Sunshine Coast and scroll down to find them.

Vicki moved that the last Minutes be accepted.  Seconded by Mike Holt. Accepted by a show of hands.

The current Assembly account balance is $329.90 after hall costs.   Moved by Vicki to accept the report, seconded by Rosemary Sigmund.


The Assembly needs to raise money for the purchase of a PA system and a projector and screen.  Member offered to donate the latter, so we now only need to purchase a PA system.   We need to consider ways to raise money and be social at the same time.  Member offered to donate a platter for raffle.    Mike asked for volunteers to head fundraising.  Cos Stanaway offered, to be helped by Wayne.  Ideas for fundraising can be sent to Cos at her email:  cstanaway1@aol.com.

U.K. Report

The U.K. Assembly as part of commonlaw.earth is going very well and the website will be set up and open most like by the end of April.  The previous followers of John Smith are set to switch to our U.K. Site which is great news.  Jethro from the U.K. Site is currently sharing information and documents with Mike and all will be shared through our website.


Shane spoke about the Reversion, which is a set of 3 documents.  Doing the Reversion proves you are under Common Law.  You are utilising their own paperwork to revert from their system.  Shane read through the benefits and the negatives.  

We then discussed a lady by the name of Susan Maynes who is behind a Facebook page ‘commonwealth of australia’.  Shane advised that there are 241 documents currently on that FB page (including the Reversion) which can be accessed when you become an approved member (this may take a little time).  Documents are not to be copied as a template please, but for individual use with your own personal input, but a clear and precise guide.  You can go to Join Group and after answering a couple of questions, you will need to wait for approval of membership.

There is a need for us to form a support group for going through the Reversion process, and others.   Mike suggested we get our paperwork for this and he will send out an email and arrange a date for us to proceed with this as a group. 

Mike reminded the assembly of the importance of signing the Common Law Charter as attendees will not be able to vote without this at hand.  (https://commonlaw.earth/assemblies/sign-assembly-charter-aus/).   He also spoke about the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and how we all have one share in this corporation. 

Shane went on to review the 8 Elements of Contracting.  He then spoke at length about the WeRe bank and the cheque account available.  The Bills of Exchange Act is relevant (every country has their own).  Cost for a cheque account with WeRe is 140 pounds a year.  You will need a CRN (https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/subjects/get-crn-online )

The continued discussion about the procedures using the WeRe cheques took some time.  Because the 4 big banks are now aware of the WeRe system, the 3 letter process needs to be initiated.  A cheque is a 3 party contract so you will need a third party with you for the process. 

Members are welcome to contact Shane for information or downloads: shane.beard@me.com

The Assembly unanimously offered its appreciation and gratitude to Shane for his work and input.

Mike Holt closed the meeting at 3.50 pm.
The next meeting will be on Sunday 18th April 2021

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