Minutes Sunshine Coast 18 April 2021


Minutes of meeting Sunday 18th April 2021

held at the Community Hall, 87 Willis Road, Bli Bli

Meeting declared open by Make Holt, Convener, at 2 pm.


Mike has been in touch again with Britain and advises that they will be opened by end May…..commonlawuk.com     Canada is slow with progress and they are not well organised, having trouble in getting members to focus on important aspects of common law, rather than current controversial issues.

Even as we get more and more people on board, we still have to deal with admiralty law within the current system. 

Mike is not the one to contact regarding help with legal problems.  Most problems can be solved with diligent research and knowledge.   There is so much on ‘our’ websites:   https://commonlaw.earth, https://advance-Australia.com.au, https://cirnow.com.auhttps://thebloodyaussiebattler.com/

For anyone wishing to volunteer to assist, Mike will need to know qualifications or exact skills that you can bring to the table,

Our Education site (Common Law 101) and the whole 20 parts, is nearly ready!  Thos doing the course and passing the test will be issued with a certificate.  There will also be a separate section devoted to Sheriff training. 

On the horizon is the very first National Conveners’ zoom meeting.  This is a big leap and will empower many.

Please make sure you have filled out the details on our website as a statement of Live Birth.  This certificate proves you are a living being.

For those just starting to learn about common law, make sure you watch “How the political parties stole our future”.  https://cirnow.com.au/how-the-political-parties-stole-our-future/

Mike will soon travel all over Australia to stimulate the emergence of new assemblies.  After his speech at the gathering at Hervey Bay, they got 45 members in just a few weeks.  How can we help?  It was suggested that a team of Presenters be formed who are willing to do the same and that the creation of a Powerpoint presentation would best assist with this.  Samantha French has volunteered to create such a presentation, using the material from our main website.

Re Mike’s court case:  A date towards the end of May is the deadline now for a reply to his affidavit.  They must now come to Brisbane, rather than Mike travel to Melbourne.   The Assembly would like to go along to support Mike on the day, despite there being potential problems with this, but that can be discussed closer to the time.

Please leave your phones turned off and in your car if you are likely to enter a store or restaurant where entry could be refused if no mask.  It was suggested that there I could now be automatic date retrieval from phones whether you give permission or not.  Better to be safe.

We need to start thinking about the process for actually taking someone to court (for example over the insistence of mask wearing).  First step is a Statement of Claim, to be submitted to our Registrar.  You can follow all the instructions on our website.  Let’s all start doing it, even though our court is not yet operative.  At least the process can be started because it does take some time.

‘Steps to fight fines and stay out of court’ is a book available from:


Suggest everyone get a copy of this and keep handy.

Member brought up the fact that insurance companies are not covering any health problems arising from either covid or the vaccination.  We will share a link about this soon.  You can mention this to anyone contemplating having the jab.

The topic of Nesara Gesara was spoken about briefly.  As part of this conversation, it is suggested that members review information on Myanmar.

Switzerland and Iceland are countries that are now under Common Law.

How do we get more people to come along to our assemblies?  Kim suggested that leaflets be headed with something that will actually benefit people, so ideas are sought for headlines on such flyers.  Please email any ideas to Mike:  mikeh@commonlaw.earth   Lee will make up a spreadsheet and all ideas can be included and perhaps the form could be put on the website.  We can all assist by walking and doing letterbox drops.

Reminder about the Zoom meetings every Thursday at 6.30.  There is always something to learn, as well as meet members from other areas.  This link will get you in:     https://tinyurl.com/y2o9qs5z   or you can go to https://thebloodyaussiebattler.com/ and see the link there.


A review of the 8 elements of contracts was done.  We need to learn this thoroughly before we can consider going through the Reversion process.  Remember that under the last point (Certainty of Terms) you need to use one of the most recognized dictionaries, e.g. Websters, Oxford, Macquarie.

These elements of contracting are not yet on the website but Mike has promised to put it up as soon as he can.

Anyone can email Shane (shane.beard@me.com) to request the documents that we have been discussing.

Matthew 18 vs 10-20 was read by Shane because these bible passages are actually the raw basis of common law.

Mike mentioned that people who have completed the Reversion process seem to go silent.  It could be that they have been given a gag order.  It is assumed that such a gag order would be whilst the person is still under judicial law, but when it is finalised and the person is under common law, the order should not be applicable.  It is left as a query.

Regarding the WeRe bank…..it can take up to 6 months to get the cheque book, so wise to apply for it now and have it there when you are ready to finalise the Reversion process and begin the process thereafter.

Thanks again to Shane for the truly valuable information and his leadership.

Mike Holt declared the meeting closed at 3.58 p.m.

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