Minutes Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly

Sunday 22nd May 2022

Held at 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Meeting started at 1:30pm

  1. Mike update assembly on his court case with his pediatrist which was held on Thursday.  Mike was trumped by the magistrate. However he believes according to the crimes act that the magistrate, the accused and his solicitor have committed crimes under the Crimes Act 1914 to subvert the course of justice.  Mike has written a letter to the Australian Law Reformed Committee to inform them of this.
  2. Mike’s other filling through the federal court in regards to the AEC of corruption behaviour has prompted the Australian Government Solicitor who represent the AEC to contact Mike and when they did, they made threats to Mike.
    Mike suggested that we all learn the constitution, the crimes act and the privacy act.
  3. Only 9 people at the meeting had signed the charter so Mike proposed that we agree to a reduced quorum so we can vote in a new convener.

Paul Musk was voted in as new convenor by all 9 chartered members.

A big welcome and thank you to Paul for stepping up and into the roll of convenor.

  • Mike read out the assembly constitution as it is different to the Commonwealth Constitution.
  • Today was Mike Holt’s last meeting as the convenor.  Mike will be concentrating on assisting the convenors throughout Australia.
  • We wish Mike all the best and appreciate all his help and dedication to growing the Sunshine Coast Assembly and the assemblies nationwide.

Meeting ended at 3pm.

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