Perth Assembly 16 Jan 2021

COMMON LAW ASSEMBLY  NO 3………..16th Jan 2021

Meeting convened at 13.40………….20 in attendance

Welcome….Acknowledgement of Traditional owners and First Nations People

Welcome and thank you to everyone for attending this first Assembly in our Courthouse and in the year of 2021


Constitution of the Sovereign People’s Assembly, read and learn our Common Law documents/handouts as provided, then please add to your file other related documents available on our website  ,  this will also help share the printing load, saving us money for future equipment … Thankyou ??

Masks; your rights, medical exemptions,

for advice see web site…..  Dr Judy Wilyman,

Sheriffs;   Garth Stockden

We welcome the nomination of Garth Stockden to become our first official Sheriff.

Garth will be sworn in as Sheriff in due course after completing relevant training and he will then assist others with the following : Training, regulations, protocols, law. Knowledge of subject, Self-defence training, communication links for Sheriff assistance.

Suggested link.’ The American Sheriffs and Peace keepers association.’

Courts;  Learning the process, Sovereign basis of Common Law. Q  on step 11, jury verdicts. Case must achieve unanimous verdict or the case remains un resolved, Sentencing, Court fees. Record keeping for court cases, video and printed transcript, Communications;  Suggested central contact point for all court issues, sheriff services and help for matters of law.

Suggested professional Chairman to conduct meetings to maintain order and adhere to agenda.

Notice;  Notice of Treason, sent to federal politicians, initiated by Mike Holt….suggestion for others to follow suit. Document/Affidavit (page 1) provided for guidance only

FOI ;  Consider writing to Freedom of Information for request of evidence that corona virus has been isolated and thoroughly analysed. 

Request for evidence that the PCR test is safe and not contaminated with foreign particles that could cause harm to people.  Ask for evidence of COVID related deaths, and public availability of same.

When writing/replying to letters, be aware of Government loopholes and wording.

Use Oxford Dictionary for all common law language, not the American Black’s Law dictionary, as many recommend.



Discussion about identifying as the living man/woman, vs the corporate fiction.  registering your living name. Registering your name with the Common Law Courts, and discussion of obtaining or creating identity cards. How to sign your name as the living man/woman, reserving your rights, every time you sign a document as well as signing “All Rights Reserved” over any licences, cards or other documentation what have you.

Explanation of the word ‘person’  Latin-persona- mask.

Taking ownership of your property via private trusts.

Promissory note for finance,  Link to advice, Mark Pytellek :

Meeting closed……………………16.30pm

DONATIONS ……………………………….$153.50
(CLPWA) ACCOUNT TOTAL…………………………………$260.00

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