Perth Assembly End of Year Report

End of year report


And/or a Meeting/Assembly room, a study centre and a Common Law Library in the making! The 2 pictures below show the progress so far in getting the centre ready to use!

I anticipate another couple of weeks before it will be ready. A bit more cleaning, painting and patching and we will have a perfectly beautiful centre at our disposal! This would not have been possible without the utter kindness and generosity of a couple of our very dedicated members (who wish to remain anonymous at this stage), but rest assured they are 100% dedicated to seeing our Common Law group move forward with great success, and I cannot Thank them enough πŸ˜‡πŸ™ We are so blessed to have such a strong array of people gathering together!

The Herdsman is booked out for Xmas functions. However, although our centre is small, we should be able to fit in about 40 people, and if we can add a Zoom link to an outside area possibly another 15 – 20 people could sit ?? If anyone has any skills to guide us on setting up a portable outdoor audio/video area then please contact me as soon as convenient. I say portable as we will want to move the equipment back inside afterwards for its necessary security.

As this is a work in progress, I would love feedback and/or suggestions as to whether or not we have an Assembly this month, or perhaps more of an informal gathering to celebrate our new centre and to touch base with each other with a view to having a formal assembly in January, as December is always a busy month for most people, so please let me know your thoughts about that ?

Should you have a pressing matter that you would like to call an assembly meeting for, or to hold your own meeting with various people to discuss your case or issue, then we can absolutely arrange for that to happen at a time that suits YOU. Tables and chairs are being delivered later on today, so that will instantly make the centre available for urgent matters you may wish to discuss or study up on.

If anybody has ANY old law books that you would be happy to donate to the library, that would be most appreciated indeed !   And if anyone goes into Op Shops, please scan your eyes over their books, you never know what you might find … I found a beauty the other day!! …. A Chambers Law Dictionary….for the wonderful price of $3 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘  What an absolute treasure πŸ™

I would also love to start a Common Law study group sometime in January, so I seek expressions of interest for that, as well as feedback about a small cost per session, such as $10 to include tea/coffee/juice/water, a cake/biscuits, and some sandwiches or something for supper. OR $5 per session and people bring a plate of something to share, with tea/coffee/juice and water included in that price. Also, would you let me know whether people would like to have a study session once a week or once a fortnight, and a preferable time slot? Mike Holt will also be available to join us by Zoom sometimes to show us how to implement common law.

The centre is located in the Armadale area, I will provide the full details when we are ready to open!   I promise you, you will be amazed and delighted at exactly where it is located (if you don’t already know!) Any and all donations will go towards the running costs of the centre as well as future equipment and/or other items we will need along the way. So, please send me your feedback about all of this when you can, as I maintain that these and future issues will be for all of us to decide together for the greater good of our common law cause!

Thankyou all so much.
Warmest wishes,
Sandie πŸŒ»

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