Sunshine Coast Assembly November 29, 2020

Highlights of the October 18 Common Law Assembly:

SUNSHINE COAST COMMON LAW ASSEMBLYMinutes of meeting Sunday 29 November 2020

  • Regarding by-laws passed by an assembly, a member noted that we should be putting out public notices before starting to implement. Such notice could be placed in local newspapers. Costing on this to be ascertained. It’s possible that it may be free if put under communicty notices.
  • Mike has begun work to create bullet points and summaries on Dick Yardley’ book and this will be available on the website soon.
  • Further work on the website will result in a breakdown to 5 separate sections to make it clear and easy to find specific items.
  • The process of integration of members of other large groups into Common Law is underway which will result in the creation of more assemblies. In order to maintain a proper database of members of assemblies we all need to complete the online application to register. We did initially sign the Charter on a form, but data needs to be recorded as part of the online system. Sign the Charter here. A certificate will sent to you immediately after lodgement.
  • Sheriff training is taken seriously. Apart from the physical protection techniques, we need to be able to offer training in relative psychology so that Sheriffs have an in-depth understanding of human behaviour etc. We are seeking volunteers who are professionals in this field.
  • Dick Yardley facilitated another educational session, using the document that was sent out by email. We are all very grateful for this. It is hoped we are able to get a screen to make the presentation of this work a little easier.
  • A reminder that there is a lot of educational material that is easy to understand, on the Citizen Initiated Referendums website run by Mike Holt. In particular, watch the video to see how Goss and Rudd changed the laws to give State governments the power to edit existing laws to benefit the political party governments:
  • Our next meeting will be the second Sunday in January 17th.

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