Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly

Minutes of Meeting

Sunday 27th March 2022

Held at 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Michael Holt Pres Convener

Michael Holt opened the meeting at 1:30pm.

Approx.  30 in attendance.

Michael announced that Greg from the Sovereignty Task Force will be the guest speaker for today.  Michael sent out the details in an email which people may not have received if they are not registered. They can register on the website by clicking on assemblies then find Sunshine Coast.

Michael is in the process of setting up a SMS messaging service from his home office.  All the phone numbers will be entered.

Michael had a meeting with the first convener on New Zealand and they are really romping ahead.  He anticipates some very interesting meetings from now on because of the election idea.  Michael said that it is already galvanized people all over Australia.

Michael is waiting for more information to come in and there is a list of things that have to be done and positions to be filled.

Michael has been elected to deal with the AEC and will have to argue with them about the constitution and our rights.

Rod Cullerton has written to the AEC and asked them if the elections will be held under clause 5 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act, which binds all lawyers, judges, and people of the Commonwealth.  This constitution has always been in place since 1901. 

Michael said that this year is his last year as the convener and his term finishes in May.  Someone else will have to step in.

Corinne Stanaway,  Kirstine Cairns and Karen Bailey were elected as part of the treasury team

Elenor Percival was elected for the merchandise team.

No one volunteered for the fundraising team but Sun from the assembly said he will help with the fundraising.

Garry Colling volunteered for a position as a sheriff and was advised to view the sherriff’s training on Rumble under The Bloody Aussie Battler.

Greg from Noosa Sovereignty Team presented his solution for moving forward at a local level.

  1. Be active no compliance.
  2. Educate yourselves to be able to communicate to others.
  3. Keep updated on that is really happening not through MSM.
  4. Challenge items in newspapers that are of satanic nature or follow the UN agenda, by phoning or writing to the editor.
  5. If you go to a restaurant and they won’t let you in, get a team to go do there.
  6. Plan ahead- water, food, money.
  7. Lobby local rate payers to stop paying rates to council. Set up account for rubbish collection.
  8. Read council minutes to see what has been discussed.
  9. Create online protest advertising campaigns.
  10. Get large groups together to protest against the mayor and councillors.
  11. Serve notice at your local police station.
  12.   Create fliers and memes.

Next meeting will be on Sunday 10th April 2022

Summary of elected members and positions.

Michael Holt – President and Convener

Karen Bailey – Secretary

Lee Pilcher – National Treasurer 

Corinne Stanaway – Treasurer

Karen Bailey – Account Signatory

Kirstine Cairns – Signatory

Elenor Percival – Merchant team

Meeting ended at 2:50pm.

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