Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly Minutes of Meeting Sunday 10 April 2022

Held at 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Michael Holt President Convener

Michael (Mike) Holt opened the meeting at 1:30pm

Mike has done a few things on the website and has a professional cartoonist for the cartoon page.

Mike is updating the election pages but probably will not be ready until at least tomorrow afternoon.

Mike has a crypto credit  card from Singapore. Wirex  You can spend crypto and fiat currency and looks like a normal bank card, so good for travelling with.  It only took 10 minutes to set up.

Sandra Crank from NZ has been causing problems amongst the groups. Such as Velvet Revolution, Hobart assembly, Mildura assembly and then approached Mike. Sandra claimed she was the chief sheriff in Australia and was edging people on to harm others which is something we do not do under Common Law.

Thursday night open chat has been suspended until further notice.

Conveners Monday night meetings will continue.

There is no treasury report as we are in the process of setting up the bank account.

We have a good team working on the voting system.

Dawn in WA is co-ordinating everything.

Jeff up in Noosa.

Keith in Brisbane and 

Mike here on the Sunshine Coast.

If you are in a position to volunteer, go to the elections page and you will see a drop down menu. Are you ready to act? Fill in the form

There are two electorates here. One for Fisher and one for Fairfax.

Therefore we need 6 people for caretakers for the local area and we will find the care takers for the rest of Queensland.

A caretaker basically agrees to look after the seat until they are filled after the election.

Corinne Stanaway

Karen Bailey

Rosemary Sigmund

Anne Crouch and 

Garry Colling all volunteered today to be caretakers of those seats.

Mike’s job is to go the AEC. He has already written a letter and will follow it up with a meeting with the chief of the AEC. Mike will be tell AEC that he is a Commonwealth public official and tell the AEC to organise an election for all the people of the Commonwealth.

At the elections we will have two sets of ballot papers. One for the Commonwealth of Australia and one for the corporation.

There are now voting fliers on the website that one can download and have printed. Vista print will do 1000 fliers for $50-$60.

We need a merchandising team to assisting in the creation of merchandise such as the reprint of the Constitution, the COVID Hand book which require someone to bind them and have them ready for sale here and at events.

Also we need people to volunteer to help with events such as the BBQ for Anzac Day.  It takes a lot of people to help set up early and start selling the merchandise and sausages.  All the proceeds go to the Sunshine Coast Assembly.

Meeting closed at 2:10pm.

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