Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly Minutes of Meeting Sunday 24th April 2022

Held at 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Michael Holt President Convener

Meeting opened at 1:35pm

Mike Welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Mike reported on the following.

1. Mike updated the assembly on his court case with his podiatrist .

  • Initially podiatrist did not turn up for the case and was summoned to appear on Thurs.
  • Podiatrist tried to get judge to drop the case.
  • Mike gave his presentation and said that privacy act has been broken which is a federal act and he was harmed and wanted justice.
  • Judge agreed and reopened case for 19 May.

2. Mike told the assembly that there are now two women down in Sydney who have won their cases on the same grounds.  Ref. privacy act section 94H.

3. Mike has been invited back to the Gold Coast on May 7 to do a presentation. They are expecting 300 to this presentation.

Mike followed with education on the constitution and covered 1-8.

The recording of this is going to be put up on a pod cast as an audio after it has been edited.

For the elections, Mike would like more people to sign up to be volunteers, CPO (Commonwealth Public Officials), care takers of the seats, scrutineers. You can sign up on the website under activate/elections/are you ready to serve. Those who need a notary public, there is one listed on the “are you ready to serve” page.

David Heycock is to organize a media committee. Other members who will be assisting is Karen, Jayden Szepesvary, Rosemary Paul Musk and Maria Bonello.

ANZAC day help was requested and allocated to various members.

Meeting ended at 3:35pm

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