Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly Sunday 24th October, 2021

Minutes of Meeting

Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly

Sunday 24th October, 2021

Held at 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Convener: Wayne Pevitt

Meeting commenced at 1.30 pm after the social barbecue run by Wayne.  Assembly thanked him for his work.  We had some substantial donations to add to the profit from the food, which will go a very long way to the completion of the education trailer.

Wayne gave a report on the Brisbane rally that was held on 18th October.  We sold a good deal of merchandise on the day, but we desperately need volunteers who can help at these events.

The desire and capability is still there to set up Common Law Courts, attached to as many assemblies as possible.  With so much that has been happening and needing ore urgent attention it has been put on hold for a short time.

As promised, role playing was done between Mike (victim) and insistent shop owner (Matthew).  A few different roles were played through regarding both mask and QR code insistence.  Assembly was reminded by Mike that there is not more time left to ignore these unlawful actions.   Everyone needs to take action against these business owners and employees.  Make sure it is all filmed.  Say “I arrest you for breaking section 94H of the Privacy Act”.  Then go to your local court and ask the Registrar for an Information and Charge form.  Fill it in, giving full details of the crime and include reference to the Privacy Act.  Give it back to the Registrar and get them to sign and seal it.  Then take it in the sealed envelope to the business, hand a copy to each person involved and say “you have been served”.  Don’t say anything else.  It’s up to them to appear in court to defend themselves.  When the court day comes all you need to do is give evidence to the court, show your video and wait for the judge to give his verdict.

You could, if the situation demands it, call the police.  Remember, breaking the law like this is a criminal matter, NOT a civil matter.  Police HAVE to attend.  Stand up for yourself and know that you CAN effect a citizens arrest.  You just need to practice and push as far as you feel comfortable.  However, walk away if it gets too much, but education the employee first.

Mike gave a report on his court case, taking the Governors General to trial for treason.  The Federal court attempt at filing charges failed but more supporting evidence has been brought forward and it is now with the Supreme Court and looking promising.  Mike also mentioned his long-going court case re the story he published and told us the charges on that have been reduced from the original 9, now down to 1.  It could be costing them Mike’s rates of $2.5m per day.  Mike has a retired lawyer helping him gratis.  He was a vexatious litigant and still enjoys the process

A reminder that Mike is now putting out videos under The Bloody Aussie Battler.

Fines attached to covid issues was brought up again.  Never pay these and always write back and elect to go to court, with a letter showing what aws they are breaking.  There is an example letter on our website, under Covid.   If you do get a fine and it’s not signed, just opt to take to court and most likely nothing will happen.   Whether Common Law works, or does not work in some of these situations they still have to deal with it in an already bursting at seams court system.  You have to know how to play the game. 

The 1689 English Bill of Rights is what protects Common Law as a whole, as well as individual beings. 

Are Russian and Italian military forces here in Australia?  If so, are they with the Oz troops, or are we heading towards martial law.

Common Law is laying the foundation and conditions for a new way of life when we come through this dark patch.  The current treasonous government is actually doing us good by creating a real interest in common law.  It is now being mentioned by popular individuals that most of us follow, including Recardo Bosi.  A complete 5 point plan through common law is set out here:

Suggestion was made that we could gather in large groups outside court houses and perhaps government buildings.  The first target would be the Maroochydore Court House.  Matthew Hadfield (0417 323234) has volunteered to co-ordinate those who would definitely attend and work out dates and times.  Mike can put up a form on the website when we have dates for these silent protests which can then be sent to the co-ordinator. An invitation to join can be sent out by email which will need to be replied to.  This is passive resistance and is what Ghandi did.  

Karen talked about the Abrin and Ricin plan. Do some research as it is pretty dark but we should be aware of anything that is put out as a possible threat. 

Another reminder for everyone to sign our charter and become a chartered member who is able to vote on important actions and issues.  This unites us.  Do it here:

Stop voting for political parties and even politicians who seem to be on our side.  They are all under the same illegal system.  Anyone elected must be by the people and controlled by the people.  If nobody voted none of the politicians and parties would have any power at all. 

Education:     Sheriff training is now on Tuesday evenings on zoom. Find the link on the website, right at the bottom of the home page.  Mike is making a series of training videos from the zoom meeting.  Additionally the Common Law 101 training course is nearly ready to be released.  There will be a charge for doing that but all the other training is free.

For the benefit of new members Mike gave the background on the Australian government from 1960 and how they have gradually over that time taken away absolutely all our rights.  Even the Kangaroo and Emu is not an official crown seal.

Our Christmas breakup barbecue was mentioned.  Last year we had a fully catered picnic at Golden Beach and if no objections or other suggestions it is likely that we will do that same this year.  We have two more assemblies on November:  7th and 21st.   Then the Xmas breakup on 5th December and a break until we return to normal assemblies again on 16th January 2022.

Meeting concluded at 3.20 pm.

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