Sunshine Coast Minutes 17th July

Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly

Minutes of Meeting

Sunday 17th July 2022

Held at 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Paul Musk Convenor

Meeting started at 1:30pm

20 people in attendance

Paul – Gave a welcome greeting.

*David Heycock presented the Magna Carta which is the first comprehensive statement of human rights and established the rights of individuals in England. The MC is an amazing document as it basically formed the foundation of Western Law.  The Westminster System.

David continued to speak about

  • Australia uniting the six colonies under one federation.  
  • Bernie in 1947 started to convert Australia from a democracy to a socialist republic.
  • treason starting in 1972 Gough Whitlam.

David has been studying the Charter 77 from Czechoslovakia and is working on a charter for Australia which he is hoping to present at the next meeting.

*Keith Bostock presented Expect A Miracle.  He identified that the constitution was wrong as it was written by an English Lawyer and we are expecting justice in our Australia courts in an unjust system.

  • We need to understand who we are-frequency and vibration.
  • Each of us have incredible powers.
  • Need to learn how to be free men in our own space.
  • We need to be aware of where we put our energy.

Keith offered for people who need this kind of help to give him a call.

*Mike Holt spoke about the possibility of setting up some community gardens in order to unite the communities. Some people may want individual plots, cooperative plots, therapeutic plots or entrepreneur plots. 

*Mike Holt is seriously considering holding a seminar soon about a meditation technique that teaches you to focus your mind on anything that you do.  Your mind is usually scattered therefore it is difficult to achieve anything.

*Mike Holt – we need more people to in our assembly and educate them on how to get our country back.

          Next time we have a lock down, we are to unite eg. Meet in a park and have a picnic or drive our cars around, honking horns and making a noise.

*Mike Holt – has a 5 step plan

  1. CIRnow- Citizen Initiative Referendum
  2. Voting on block chain app.
  3. Reform election
  4. No more taxes. Corporations to pay tax.  Program to track each transaction with the back.
  5. Civil or military service.

Manufacturing to return to Australia starting with military equipment.

Amend constitution with referendum.

Free water and electricity.

Everyone needs to unite equally including the Aboriginals.

*Lee Pilchard- BBQ-sausage sizzled that was held on Sat. 16th outside IGA on Wises Rd. Gross income $658 Costs $264 Net profit $394

          Funds to go to national account.

*Cos Stanaway Rally on Sat. Need extra hands for those who are going down.

*Lee Pilchard – moved a motion for Paul Musk to stand down as he has already written his resignation and David Heycock to become the new convenor. Mike Holt second motion.  Everyone agreed.

*Paul Musk submitted his letter of resignation.

*Please sign the charter on the website.

Next meeting on 7thAugust

Meeting closed at 3:25pm

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